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Pumping everyday V's Pumping with rest days

Pumping everyday V's Pumping with rest days

I’m new to pumping got my LAP 5 days ago. Whats better pumping everyday or pumping with rest days?

It’s all subjective. Like any other PE exercises you have to listen to your unit and decide what is best for you. I think lots of people here will give you the same advice — READ PUMPING 101!

I started condom pumping and haven’t looked back so that could also be an avenue for you to explore.
Good luck and read up!

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If you are a newbie take your time before following my example, advanced techniques can be dangerous.

I pump every days at least two times: morning and night, but when I can I do it three times (every 6 hours), as I noticed, in years of practice, that the skin soreness decreases if the pump is used often. I also do it at low pressure (so low that I can read a book in the meantime without thinking about the pressure) and I use warm water inside the cylinder. If you disconnect the pump from the cylinder and make a vacuum with your suction, it is easy to get water in the cylinder, just by sealing the tube (bending it with your fingers) and releasing in the warm water of your sink or bidet. This way is very easy and safe (to me) to do very long sessions (one hour, one hour and a half) and virtually double girth.

Try, you might find it useful

Perseverance wins

I do an intense pumping/clamping routine 2-3 days on 1 day off. On my off day, I sometimes do a long advanced stretch session but no “engorgement exercises”.

Yeah, I was also wondering whether I should pump every day or get some rest days… And my conclusion was the following. Comparing with the bodybuilding, I would have to get the rest days because the growth takes place not when you do your exercizes but when the body takes the rest. Thought so, I decided to take one-day rest between the pumping sessions: one day pumping, one day rest.

Starting Stats (February, 2006): 6” NBPEL, 5” EG Mid-Shaft; Current: 6 ⅝” NBPEL, 5 ½” EG Mid-Shaft; Goal: 8x6” NBP.

Since you are new to pumping, you should definitely takes days off. For a weekly schedule you could try 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off or you could also try 6 on 1 off.

Stay below 5”hg and less than 10 minutes per cycle. If you get red spots, back off on time or pressure. It takes time to become conditioned to pumping, so take it nice and easy.

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