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Pumpimg after stretching

Pumpimg after stretching

I am doin PE for a year and my gaining stopped at 16 cm NBPEL.

I do mainly stretching.

Anybody tried to add pumping after the stretching and if yes what ware the results?

I start out with a warm up, then manual stretches, then pump. No problem incorporating pumping along with stretching. In all, I gained 2.39 inches L, 0.75 G but the first inch came from just pumping.

Keep in mind, this didn’t happen overnight!



Like Avocet says!!! It’s almost ideal. Stretching then pumping. I use Monkeybar’s Autoextentor for 1-1/2 hours then pump for an hour or so. So far, I’m almost a consistent 8”. I use the stretcher every day and pump 3/wk. One helps the other. Steve

I concur. When I’m not lazy and I do the stretching like I know I should I have a consistently better flaccid hang and the pumping seems to be more productive. Then after stretching and pumping I usually wear weights as ADS. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

I warm up, then do the newbies 101 stretching guide, then pump. I notice that I’ll be longer in the tube if I stretch. It’s about a 1/4-1/2” difference if I stretch first.

Absolutely. Even after swearing off manual stretching for awhile I can’t help but do a few minutes of light tugging under the IR light before a pump session. Good luck.

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Yes. I must admit I did everything properly today.

Warm up - 5 mins
Hang 5lbs - 10min
100 wet jelqs
Pump 3-5Hg - 15 min

Hello Flaccid!

Although it may seem like a lot, I keep the intensity down. No blown-up lymph vessels or red spots. Longer flaccid than usual.

Personally, pumping after any type of PE lets me know if I have overdone it by exacerbating any problems.

Cool tnx guys!!!

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