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Pumpers Tube to large can I get smaller

Pumpers Tube to large can I get smaller

Hey Pumpers Forum I have a question, and although it has probably been answered before I will ask to save some time in doing advanced searches and such.

I went out and bought a pump, I got one of the Joel Kaplan pumps but although several pump masters had recommended getting a pump tube that was proportonial to your starting stats, I could not find a place at the time. So I opted for a 2.25 inch tube, and as you can imagine from my starting stats (bottom of post) thats to large and I have found it nearly impossible to pump without my balls wanting to join my cock in the tube which as we all know hurts like crap.

So I have put the pump away for awhile, but now after about 3 weeks I have decided that girth gains seem much easier to accomplish with a pump over all other techiques. So does anyone know if there is a website I can visit where I can order just a pump cylinder, around 1.75 inches or so that is compatible with the pump I already have, does Kaplan make different size cylinders?

A website link would be great. I ask b/c the apparatus on top of the cylinder I have looks somewhat complicated and I don’t want to get an incompatible cyclinder replacement without knowing they will fit together correctly. But I must PUMP!!

Thanks for your help ahead of time!

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

What is the diameter of the vinyl tubing that connects your pump to your cylinder? Measure as best you can. If the tubing is the same diameter as mine, you can order a 1.75 inch cylinder from lapdist and just connect your tubing to the fitting on the top of the lapdist cylinder.

There is an ‘ongoing’ list of suppliers in
this thread that has weblinks to their products and sizes.

If you find a new manufacturer that is not listed, please add it to the list! :)

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