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When to move to larger tube?

When to move to larger tube?

How can one tell when it is time to move to a larger tube? Also, at what point can you say that you are “packing” the tube? For example, if my routine is to pump for two, 15 minute sessions, and I don’t pack the tube, but let’s say one day I go for one 30 minute session and pack the tube. Does this mean I have now packed the tube and ready for the next larger size? If all I am doing is packing the tube because of fluid buildup, am I really packing the tube for PE purposes? I am a little confused about this because, given enough time in the tube, you will pack it, even though it will mainly be fluid buildup.



Stick to the 15 minute sessions and you will have a more accurate indicator of when you are packing the tube will blood engorged tissue rather than lymph filled skin. Make sure to kegel while you pump. When I pump I am either kegeling or milking the tube and this helps fill your cock from the inside out, rather than outside in.

Just packing the tube for the sake of packing it with fluid build up is not going to bring on permanet gains. Stick to your 15 minute sessions and when you pack with blood rather than lymph fluid, then you can think about moving up a 1/4 inch in tube size.

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