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Just got pump! Wondering about tube size

Just got pump! Wondering about tube size

Hi Everyone,

I just got my pump today from LAP! I have a question about tube size and hope that everyone can give me some feedback. I didn’t cheat on measuring when I selected a tube size. I am about roughly 4.25 in. girth at the tickest point (the head), so I bought the 1.5 by 9 in. tube. Now that I have tried the tube, entering in semi-erect, and pumped at 5hg I notice that the base of my penis and half of the head is already touching the sides of the tube along. Some parts a mid-shaft do not touch. Keep in mind that this is with 5hg pressure. My question is should I have bought the next larger size tube since with pressure I am already pretty snug. I didn’t think my penis would expand that much! When do I know when to move to the next larger size?

By the way, the sensations from pumping are awesome!! Such a thrill to see my willy be so pumped. My main goal from this is to gain both length and girth. However, girth is much more important for me. Please give me your insights.


You should stay with the tube you have until you pack more of it. As you do that over time, then order up the next larger size.

Great results for you and glad you like the sensation. Hope you are doing some manual work between pumps. This accelerates gains.

If you can, enter fully erect. This will cut lymphatic buildup and give you a better blood workout.



If he is already packing his head and base, is it possible for the middle to fill out over time?

I think lapdist sizes their tubes just a little bit to close to your actual girth so buying the next .25 size up comes rather quickly. Like avocet said, you can wait until you fully pack this tube before you get the 1.75. Fully packed means you will be touching for the full length 360 degrees around, and it will look a little smooshed.

The two biggest factors for expansion in the tube are pressure and time. Especially as a newbie you should be limiting your pressure to more in the 4 range and then up it to 5 after a week or so. But the best expansion occurs at low pressures for longer and longer times and multiple pump sets. You didn’t say how much time you spent in the tube, but for now go 10 minutes, take a break and jelq for 5 minutes and pump for another 10 minutes. Next week go for the 5 in hg and the 10 minute cycles. But then, instead of increasing pressure constantly, go for longer time. 15, then 20 then 25 minute sets. Long sets at low pressure equal maximum growth and minimum donut and bloating.

i agree with the packing at 360 deg

the only problem going from 1.75 to 2.00 is a huge jump

1.75 is about 5.5 cirm 2.00 is about 6.20 cirm

that should make a tube in the middle


When you are ready to make the switch up to the next diameter tube, the easiest way is to use a process called staging. You start off your routine by packing your current tube. Then, you slide out of that tube and into the lubed and ready next tube up the line.

I think that when ordering a cylinder for the first time, the MINIMUM size ordered should be 1.75” diameter. Of course, if a guy is already blessed with more natural larger girth, he needs to order bigger.

So, Makemehung, maximize your initial pumping experiences with your 1.5” cylinder, but it won’t be long before you’ll need the next 1/4 inch larger diameter. Good luck. Welcome to the world of pumping! It’s not only utilitarian in making your dick bigger but also very enjoyable.


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