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Too much skin getting sucked into tube.

Too much skin getting sucked into tube.

Hey guys, I’ve been pumping for about a month now and just recently (last night and this evening) I noticed this. When I get a very good erection, lube up, enter the tube and pump up there always seem to be a good amount of skin from the base(and my scrotum) that get sucked up into the tube.

I can physically grab my scrotum and pull the skin out of the tube but it will end up back there very quickly(in the tube).

I can’t pack my tube yet and from what I’ve heard, it will happen eventually. I just don’t know what to do in order to minimize this extra skin getting into the tube.

Any ideas? I also will pull down on my scrotum when I am creating the vacuum before I start pumping, so I don’t think that is the solution to my issue.

Try to limit the amount of lube that gets on your scrotum. Just put the lube at the base of your cock on the underside. Other then that, it may be that the tube is just a little big for you. What is the tube diameter and what is your girth?

Thetorch, greetings:

I have the same problem, mainly because my glans is wider than my base. I use a 2-inch cylinder to prevent the glans jamming on the sides, though a 1.75-inch cylinder would be a better fit for the base. I do pretty well at preventing skin being sucked in simply by pressing the cylinder firmly against myself. I have read of guys using a cock strap around their ball-sac, but I haven’t tried that….

Hey Torch:

Age Old problem for pumpers. A good way—but difficult—is to hold your balls with your free hand. But, a more practical way is to use a wide, big rubber band, but it begins to hurt eventually. So I made a wide strap from a motorcycle inner tube about 1/2 that fits comfortable around and keeps the scrotum skin away. Another thing that I do it to pump my balls first for about a half hour and they enlarge and keeps the skin out… Hope you can work it out. That innertube is great for cushioning the tube end also. Just cut about a 3” piece and pull it over the tube and push about 1.5” inside the tube. Steve

This site is great, everyone is so quick to respond.

I got a inner tube and cut a section to put on the base, minimized the amount of lube towards the base and Voila! I’ve now solved that problem.

Thanks guys. Oh, I am currently using a 2’ diameter cylinder, and my base is smaller in girth than the rest of my shaft so that’s why this was happening. I’m using a gravel tube at the moment with the kneeling pad for the base, now it’s ultra comforatble with the addition of the inner tube.

I’m kinda worried if I pump my balls too much, i’ll look like this eventually:

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