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Pump recommendations?

Pump recommendations?

Ive read many of the pump threads and it seems most people are making their own pumps.Is the reason for this mainly a money issue ,or are they just better quality than a premade pump.I dont mind spending the money..I just want a pump thats the right size(2” tube is what i hear i should be using) that has a gauge,and will work for PE.Is there a reason for an electric pump rather than hand pump?Thanks

If you haven’t already checked into Hydro-pumps, they may be worth looking into.


I think it’s generally a money issue, alexmmm, or sometimes an issue of access to credit cards or trying to keep pumping as a ‘stealth’ activity.

As to electric pump versus hand pump, a hand pump is just fine, especially when you’re just starting. In fact, in some ways the hand pump may be better, as you start to learn the relationship between different vacuum levels and your body’s response.

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Well let’s sort this out a little. I also advise starting with a hand pump with a gauge rather than an electric one.

You need a

- penis cylinder
- hand pump
- tubing and a male connector

Some people do make their own cylinder, but I would never do that — too much trouble, and they are much thinner than real penis cylinders so there can be a discomfort issue.


This is my first cylinder:

Boston Pump Standard Design Cylinder - $55.50…WPROD&ProdID=12

Very well built, not a bad price.

See sizing info here: Selecting Your Cylinder Size


This is the hand pump I use:

Brake Bleeder and Vacuum Pump Kit - $25.99…-kit-92474.html

There is a long thread on this pump here: Lap pump = harbor freight tools pump

Shipping takes a while, if you have a store near you just go pick it up.


You will need a “male coupler” to connect the pump to your cylinder:


You can get that cheaper if you order from McMaster-Carr. gprent found these part numbers:

Quick-Disconnect Male Connector - PN: 5012k251 $1.30 each

Clear plastic tubing PN: 53955k14 61 cents per foot

Be sure to check shipping costs, it may end up cheaper just to get the connector with your cylinder at bostonpump.

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Thanks for the responses. SO,Sta-kool…youre saying you ordered the Brake bleeder pump,instead of ordering the Gauged Mity pump(the one that comes as an option from BostonPump)…mainly because of the $35 price difference?Or do u think its better for some reason..?Im more of a one-stop shop kind of guy..and would pay the little extra for convenience.Thanks

The mity pump is made from plastic and has a long history of handle breakage, so not so mity.

The pump from Harbor Freight is all metal and never breaks. You might just have a Harbor Freight in your town.

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What gprent said. The brass pump will last. He is also correct that there is probably a store near you:

If you want a turnkey system (and I understand that perfectly, nice to have everything in one box) check out:

Deluxe Package (Psi Pump, DVD & Cylinder) $139.95…y_Code=packages

I looked at some other vendors, their setups are more expensive. LA Pump makes a very very good product.

Thanks Sta-Kool..i think that might be what im looking for

Check out some auto magazines. Harbor Freight frequently provides a coupon to buy the break bleeder for $16 to $17 at their retail outlets. You can also go to their web site and obtain a retail coupon there as well.

La pump dist.reasonably priced and fast delivery in the u.s.

Originally Posted by baggage

La pump dist.reasonably priced and fast delivery in the u.s.

That’s the pump I’m considering, but I’ve read contrary reports regarding delivery. How quickly did you receive your pump? I’m just curious, as I’ll likely get the LA pump anyway. I simply want a complete product that works without having to worry about it.

Mine arrived in three to four days

few days

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