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Proper hg

Proper hg

I have only been pumping approx. 6 weeks or so.

I know that isnt very long, especially to consider my dick conditioned.

I have been following the advice from here about not going over 5 hg.

For the first few weeks i would say that was perfect.

Now the past couple weeks, especially this week 5 hg is only filling the tube enough to not let the bubbles out.

I tried 6 hg and it felt like what 5 hg did for the first few weeks, just nice and comfortable but i could tell there was some sucking going on.

I tried 7 a couple times this week to check it out.

What i noticed was it pulled the length more but wasnt anymore uncomfortable than 5 or 6 hg.

Anymore than 7 i feel to much pressure, not alot but more than i want if i am to take it slow and steady.

My question is; does this mean that 7 is my hg level Should i alternate between 6 and 7 to give it a workout at different levels. Would i be better to keep it at a steady 7 hg.

Or stay at 5 hg even though it doesnt seem to do much.

As you condition yourself, you may be able to tolerate higher HG levels. Most of us find that we make steadier gains and experience less bruising, etc. working at lower levels - high enough to create a firm erection but not so high that you necessarily feel a huge amount of “stretch” going on. The idea is to lengthen/expand gradually. Your penile tissues are not going to respond well if one continually tries to push their envelope. Think of this as “teasing” some more size.



That is how I feel at no more than 7 hg.

I am one of those people who have a higher threshold level for things to work on me.

I agree that lower is better, but 5 hg is barely filling the base for a suction on mine.

At 6 hg I get a nice firm suction but not alot of pull (at all).

At 7 hg I get a nice pull and a nice firm suction but not at the point where it feels like it is going to suck it off my pelvic bone.

I have not received any type of bruising or as i have read about lymphatic swelling, I do not end up with a swollen squishy dick.

It is a nice firm, hard erection. And it feels very comfortable. And I get many natural hard ons throughout the day and evening.

So does this mean that between 6 and 7 hg is where I should be working at.

I am afraid that if I did any less than 6 hg that I wouldnt get any progress from it, which is why i’m asking this.

All depends of the time you want to stay in the tube, for short sessions probably need more HG to get a sucking session. I recommend more time and less pressure. Luck!

Originally Posted by akanoid
I recommend more time and less pressure.

I’ll second that.

Yes a third by all means. Prolonged time will bruise deeply and will take month or even a year to clear up and the dreaded blister will develop real quick. If you get any tinge—drop the vacuum. Them blisters are a bitch and take about three weeks to heal. Best is to prevent them, but I know you will not heed the warning and the lesson will be learned. During the first few months your penis will like the effect but over time—toll will take place. I’ve been pumping for about 9 years and have been there—done that and that and that and that!!! Steve

I do have to say that I hear your advice,and I actually do follow it.

Low hg for longer sessions.

But what I am noticing is somedays I cant handle over 5hg.

And I still go for a good ten or fifteen minutes. (sometimes releasing pressure then pumping right back up for circulation)

But on other days I dont get anything at 5hg, but 6 or 7hg feels exactly like 5 hg did.

And thats when i do higher hg’s.

Believe me I dont want an injury, and I am careful.

But at the same time I feel I should workout to the max of comfortability to ensure a good, hard, steady increase.

Time will prevail I know.

And i’m not trying to take shortcuts, just good, intence workouts.

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