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Stretching..where's the proper grip??

Stretching..where's the proper grip??

Hey, all. I have a few questions about stretching:

First, what is the proper grip to maintain when doing a stretch? Do you hold at the head of the penis, mid shaft, or the base? It seems like pulling from the base is where the best stretch would originate from. I’ve tried both and holding at the head seems to bruise more frequently. However, when I pull from the base, I can’t tell if I’m actually stretching my ligaments or just pulling my skin. Can anyone help me with this?

Also, after a proper stretch, should you feel any soreness. I’ve heard people talking about V-stretch and AI stretch and how intense they are. I’m pretty sure I’m doing these right, but I’ve never felt any significant soreness down there. Am I not pulling hard enough?

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks everyone!

I stretch with an overhand ok grip just behind the head with some padding (cut up portion of an old t-shirt). I’m uncut and I grip under the foreskin.

Normally I stretch sitting down single handed with my penis resting about midshaft on the chair (bit of a v-stretch) but others find that it best to use 2 hands (one gripping the other) to provide enough force. To vary I stretch between my cheeks also whilst sitting.

I stop every 3-5 mins to renew circulation and stretch for a 20 min session. Mainly I stop because my grip fails within this period rather than out of choice and every 5 mins on the dot.

After 20 mins my penis feels pretty tired but I wouldn’t describe it as sore, more like worked out but maybe thats just cause I’m used to it.

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