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Proper way to stretch

Proper way to stretch

Ok I have been PEing for about a month now, but I think I’m stretching wrong (at least my grip is). I grab right below my glans and pull out. Now this provides a really good grip and a really good stretch as I can definately feel the ligs stretching but unfortunately pushes a lot of blood into the head and usually bruises it (also making it hard to hold the stretch for long). I read up that you are supposed to hold the penis about a half-inch to an inch below the glans? How do you do that? When I do it I keep getting problems. For instance I will pull and just my skin will stretch not my ligs etc.. Anybody have any pictures or descriptions of the proper way to stretch?

Try here for a nice video illustration.

Hm in the beginning when starting off with manual stretches I did the error to _not_ do a reverse OK grip.. which caused the same bruises and slight feelings of pain in my glands.
I’m still pretty newbish in this respect.. Sometimes I even manage to get a little bruise in my glands (or the skin of it) even with the reverse OK grip although I didn’t feel that while performing them.
In any case if you feel some slight discomfort by the grip stop working on your head (this includes eg. jelqing) and let the tissue and/or skin heal (usually takes 1-2 days if you didn’t overdo it) before doing any other stretching.

Keep it mild and don’t exaggerate.. You will only get some injury where you really don’t need to :)


Try using some toilet paper. It helps with a grip.


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I just started a month ago and have tried many different ways of stretching to avoid irritation and bruises. I stretch in the shower in the morning and have found a nice soft, baby washcloth that when damp allows me to get a great stretch and use less clamping force than with just my fingers. The result has been very little redness. The palm up method is what I use for stretching and jelqs.

When I stretch in the evenings I use a tissue as has been mentioned above with good results.


pillow, good thinking :)

I’ll prolly use one of the dish driers that just sit in a cabinet and do nothing and put them to some good use :)

Try a rag or tissue to get a good grip.

Hey Rub, are you uncut?
Because I am and it sure makes stretching a lot harder.
Stretching is my favorite exercise and I get a tough time doing it (not all the time but often). The problem for me is to get a good grip without pinching the foreskin too much. I use doctor glove to get a good grip. This way, your grip has less of a tendency to slip and you don’t have to squeeze real hard to get a good grip. the problem with this is that it can cause irritation where I hold my grip. I still have not found a solution to this problem other than taking one extra day off stretching when I’m too irritated. I’m really starting to think about getting circumcised…

nice avatar! Looks just like my new girl’s ass :) )

rubbingalcohol, after awhile your skin will stretch to accomodate you. I think this will happen to most guys whose skin is tight at first.

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