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Hi all,

Ok, this is new for me.


As far as pressure is concerned I notice I can not get any expansion past my normal erection unless I go up to 7 - 8 hg. It feels ok to me; I just feel a nice stretch … Is this ok?


Yes, same for me.

I’m finding it’s a matter of time in the cylinder. If I stay too long, 15-20 mins, at higher vacuum-7-9”Hg, I get pretty severe lymph fluid buildup that lasts all day. I would suspect that the same would result even at lower vacuum but would take longer time.

If I limit it to short spurts, no pun intended, I can get the higher vac stretch without the fluid buildup.

I have reached a plateau where I’m going to more stretching and hanging, not sure where I’ll find the time, but the goal is worth it.

Initially started for more girth, pretty satisfied with length.

7 5/8 BP x 5 1/4 EG

It’s a time and vacuum level combination that can be a problem. As jays0423 says, limiting the time will allow higher vacuum levels. Just be careful. This is more of a problem if you’ve formed a donut from fluid build up since that area is weakened and will likely be the spot where it happens again (as opposed to an overall lymph build up).

Be sure to visit wwwYingYangChicom You will find that this has some of the best tubes at the best prices and good Guarantee. you will also find cushions the tubes that will allow you to pump a little higher without creating any problems. Let me know what you think.

Thanks all I will check out the site soon. I keep the sessions to 10 minutes or under right now. Then massage and another 10. I have only gotten to 1/2 hour at the most in a day. Do you need to put a clamp on after? Will this help at all? I’ve not gotten gains yet but I’m sure it will take some time.

Peace …

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