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Pumping pressure: Can CC adapt to pressure?

Pumping pressure: Can CC adapt to pressure?

Calling on the vets and all other long time pumpers

what I’m wondering is how much pressure is necessary to see girth increase results with the pump. I myself am going up to a max of 5hg,but more often am pumping in the 2.5 - 4.5 range for 15-25 minute sets. I know a lot of threads say 2-3hg produces good results,but is that the feeling of the majority. I am very cautious with my dick and have read too many high pressure blow out stories to play with the high pressures, but I would like some reassurance that gains, good gains, can be made at 5 and under hg.

Which leads me into my second question about penis adaptation to pumping, should a set start low and progress up to your max hg and stay there until the end of set, or do the pressure cycling guys have the better idea. My theory,or more of a concern is that wouldn’t the penis tissue adapt to a given pressure, and than to gain more expansion you need to increase,kind of like hanging or even more intense jelqing,or is it a different mechanism that would allow a high hg pumper to step down to low hg’s and still get results. I’m really hardcore serious about PE and pumping to me seems like the way to go,but only if I can do it safely and still see the results.

Please for the love of all things good,will you guys give me some idea how long most guys take to pack a tube. I’m at it for 2 months now,one month strict regimen every other day and I am not packing that thing yet,some days I think I see progress,other days I don’t. Someone out there tell me your story, just a time frame, all I’m looking for. I stated at 5 1/8- 5 3/16 and I’m pumping in a 2” inside diam. tube. Whats a realistic expectation to be filling that bad boy up.

Time to pack is directly related to pressure used, although using too much pressure will just give you a lymph fluid pack and that is not what you want. Start your first set in the range you currently use. Alternate kegeling and milking the tube during your set. Use 1-2 second milk strokes. During milking, the pressure will go up to about 6 or seven if you set your pressure at 4.

Exit the tube and massage to erection and restore blood flow for 3-5 minutes. Start your 2nd pump set and this time pump up slowly to your new target pressure of 5. Again kegel and milk. This time the pressure will fluctuate up to perhaps 8. Keep this set to 15 minutes. Exit the tube and massage to erection like before.

Do one more 15 minute pump set with target pressure 5 doing kegels and milking and finish with a 5-15 minute erection massage where you maintain your post pump girth. (This is the fun part)

To speed your expansion I would recommend you buy and electric heat pad from Target and wrap the tube with it when you pump.

I won’t predict when you will pack, but it will happen faster now.

thanks G,
I’m gonna give it a go concentrating on the milking aspect. I read a previous post of yours and got the heat pad,noticed a difference too…(not to mention the nice warm swoosh of hot air over the dick when I release pressure ). I feel like i’m right on the verge of discovering just what works for me,but still too new to it to get cocky and think i know it all. matter of fact last nite I came out of the tube with the fattest flaccid girth i’ve ever seen(on me),completely soft and measuring just over 5”, i didn’t work up a boner and measure,because I’m trying to get out of the nightly measuring routine,gonna hold out until my one month serious pe anniversary and see what i got.

so anyway heres my routine,times sometimes vary but this is close

1st set 20-25 minutes about 2-3 hg for 1st 15 and then fluctuating between 3-5 for the final 10
pull out of the tube,I always come out flaccid,I make sure I go in rock hard,but I always come out flaccid and I massage and jelg,squeezes just general pe for about 5-10 min
2nd set is about 15-25 minutes ,go up to about 3-4 hg pretty quick and keep it in the 3-4 range most of the set,going up to 5 for brief periods,I do some milking now,but just sporadic,possibly 10 milks per set
come out soft,massage,etc.about 10 min
set 3,by now my unit is getting tired,feeling an achey pull in the glands(still wondering about this) and some soreness at the base where it pushes into my groin.I got the pumptoys with a cushion,but after awhile it still digs a bit, so anyway set 3 is usually 10-15 minutes and I go as high as I can comfortably take,usually by now that 3-4 hg

so how does that sound as a base routine
I keep the heat pad wrapped 80% of the time I am in the tube, and going forward I’m going to take your advice
about the milking,see what happens with that.

one more question,major question to….do you want to end a session with a pump or a jelq……I usually just finish with a pump,fearing that if i fuck with it and jelq after the last pump I will somehow force the blood/lymph whichever is expanding my unit out of my unit and negate the pump results……so what is the general thought on that….do you pump /jelq/pump or jelq/pump/jelq thanks a million G and all you guys for sharing the info.

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