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No pressure gauge=dangerous?

No pressure gauge=dangerous?

Guys, my pressure gauge is not working all right, so I have to pump without it. I have been pumping for a while, but not everyday due to working problems etc. My point is I know how it feels but I´m no expert.

Is it too risky to do that while I get a new gauge? I´m always moderate, can I trust my feelings while using the pump? (I know sometimes I have to wait for long seconds to really feel that there´s more pressure while I add pressure in the session, so sometimes you don´t realize instantly if the extra pressure is a little bit too much for you, that is why I add very little at a time, to have control and do it gradually)

Thanx and best regards, josip.

PS: I remember I posted in january that my skin was irritated…I never really rested for more than a week and the dick is NOT in a perfect shape…I think I´m gonna let it rest for a month to let the skin recover after years of jelquing, of course I will use oil and creams.
What do you think guys? That´s all.

Not necessarily dangerous, just chancey. Unless you have already a good sense of the “feel” of it, you could over-pump.

Try to keep an eye on your dick inside the tube. That may be enough for you to monitor what’s going on. Go easy.



Ive read advise somewhere that just enough vacuum to keep the tube on is about the correct amount. I use this method and have for 6-7 years. If you feel your nuts pulling hard against the tube—back off. . This will require more time in the tube as you go along but will prevent the bruising and petulia (red spots which are burst capillaries). Also, break one of your vitimin E caps and work the liquid into the skin 2 twice/day—This will promote healing of the skin. Drink more water—protect it as a lifequest—Steve

many thanks brothers



As soon as I restart pumping I will write down how many pumps I need to get the desired pressure so I will know exactly how many times to apply pressure in a certain way to get the right amount of it. After all, If everything is ok inside the tube and the “feeling is nice” the pressure is not important right?

Let me ask you Tensteven, I am just curious, have you been pumping without a gauge for 6 years using the method you describe (enough vacuum to keep the tube on) ?


I was going to address this also …

I need more pump time, but have little available. My thinking is:
(1) use my pump with the gauge when I can (usually every other day if possible)
When I am with that one, I can vary from 5mmhg (about 5 min on - jelks - then 5 min on … repeat) to 10mmhg (a minute at a time) during my workouts with good control.
I usually fill the tube side-to-side, and peak at between 6.25” & 6.5” in the column (I cut a clear ruler to 9” and mounted it on the tube) during a workout, with 6.75” as my “best” (done at 10mmhg).

(2) buy a similar tube to the one I am using (9”) and cut it to 7”, and use it at home in the mornings when I have “quiet time” or in the evening before bed. I will use MOUTH SUCTION to vacate the air, and regulate pressure by using a clear ruler taped to the barrel (a gauge pump is noisy and too expensive- plus more difficult than just a tube and hose to hide). That way, I can control it, based on past “in the tube” experiences.

What say you guys? You are the pros … think it will work?

Thanks for the info.

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I bought my pumping gear in 1989 at an upscale leather store in Chicago. Pump did not have a I’ve never pumped with a gauge and have not sustained any blisters, discoloration, etc that Tiger Dave refers to at his site.

I use shave cream for lube…I only rinse tubes out ever 6-8 weeks and after a while shave cream begins to back up into line to pump….I just insert line in container of warm water and flush thru pump….I could not do that with gauged-pump. Also periodically I pump “wet” which can be done with gaugeless pump.

OR eon

Thank you for your words

I keep on learning…Josip.

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