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I swear!!! Results from pumping at high pressure


I swear!!! Results from pumping at high pressure

I’m not a pro, nor do I claim to know anything, and I could be very wrong.

BUT I swear, it seems as though I have gotten results from this routine after only 3x (3days):

(sorry for the spelling I have to hurry no time for spell check)

I lube with an oil or lotion, go into the tube flacid and run hot water to take a bath, sit in the tub to relax. I vacumme moving the pressure to 7, wait 60 sec and release now do the kegal for 30sec using no pressure. Repeat this for about 5-10 minutes.

Now for the next 20 minutes, I take the pressure to 18-20, (WHY?) “well the first day I did this routine, I thought of the benefits of stretching and pumping at the same time”. I watched myself in the tube, moving the pressure gradually to see when I would stop progressing in toward the end of the 2x12 tube, at 18-20 I saw no more movement. So I took the pressure to 20, counted off 60sec, then released the pressure and did kegals for 30sec, Repeat for 20 min, sometimes holding the high pressure for up to 2 min. when done (after 30 min) put on a band (ring of some type) pull on your head real hard, slip your hand under the elastic band or cockring move the band down toward the testicles as far as possible, now go back into the tube, pump up to 15-20, and hold this in the tube for 1-2 minutes. slip off the band/ring after 10-15 minutes..Thats it…

When you are done there is some puffiness, but not much, and it goes down soon, while leaving the penis much longer and thicker for a day or two….But even now after doing this 3x, it seems as if the size has stayed and its been two days (48 hours)…Please give some input if you try this…And has anyone else tried the high pressure theory?

Hope this helps someone….

I don’t think using that much vacuum is a good idea. I’ve use 10 in. Hg for a few seconds at a time, but not more.

First, welcome fellow Washingtonian! Second, listen to the wiser ones! High vacuum can eventually kill your dick. I know it’s fun and tempting to go to higher vacuums but man take it easy.

I’ve only been pumping for two and half weeks and gradually building up to more time and vacuum plus some manuals mixed in. I can do 10 in hg for ten minutes easily, do manuals, then back in for ten again. Next week I’ll add more time but no higher vacuum. So far no puffiness. Just a very angry looking cock ready to rock and roll.

Please be careful and take it slow!

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I sware!!!....

It sounds interesting but…… That much pressure isn’t good! Maybe the same technique might be exploriable but a lighter pressure.
Maybe Avocat might have some input for this technique.



Are you pumping with water in your cylinder?

I remember a couple of years ago when I was first visiting Tiger Dave’s site, that he stated that one could pump to higher pressure with cylinder filled with water.

This is an account
from a site for men with prostate issues and their companions.

I have pumped “wet” a couople of times….and this is an advantagee of using a gaugeless pump, being that I’ve been pumpng regularly for 3+ yeears and have never sustained any injuries to my dick, I’m comfortable doing all my pumping without a gauge.

Just my experiences…

OR eon
65 yo

We don’t just want to have a big cock, but a big and healthy one!!!
I’m sure high pressure will do good to your temporary increase of your cock size, but I doubt it will do anything good to your cock health in a long term.

5” Hg is enough for me!

That’s correct, 5 to 7 in Hg is what all experienced pumpers recommend, and that’s the pressure I use. Higher than 5 to 7 is very uncomfortable or even painful, and the risk is greater. As far as I know, all reported injuries have occurred with pressures above that range, or with very long sessions.




Hey what do I know? I’m just a newbie, trying stuff out, and sharing my experiences with you. Yes I have tried water and you can go longer, and higher with good results. I have a skinny tube also.

Some advocate that pe only works when you have an errection, and the lig is tight and then you do the pe, stretching ect. SO thats how I origionally thought of using higher pressure, plus it seems that you are pulling skin into the cylinder along with your penis and until everything pulls tight you have too wonder if your penis and lig is truely getting the benefits of the stretch ie vacumme.

Also even though you end up eventually filling the tube, it does take 30 min+- and it is for real short bursts of time, 1-2 min max then release all pressure.

best results I’ve had with pumping is staying in the tube for one full hour on very low pressure (2-3 HG’s) with a heating pad wraped around… Using as much pressure as you say scares the hell right out of me… Be safe brother, we need to keep you around.


You’ve fallen into the trap that nearly every inexperienced pumper does. A little feels good. A lot has to be a whole lot better.

I’m not going to lecture you. It’s your dick. But, keep in mind that you are manipulating very delicate tissue in a very extraordinary way that this tissue is not at all conditioned yet to handle.



Pumping feels great but demands respect.

Pump pump pump pump pump POP!

Please be safe and remember the third rule of PE:

Do not break your wee-wee.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Your going to have cops following you all over town dude!

Doughnut anyone?

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Originally Posted by iamaru

Please be safe and remember the third rule of PE:

Do not break your wee-wee.

Third rule? I would think that would be Rule #1, kind of like that fundamental medical principle “First, do no harm” (which, by the way and contrary to common belief, is not part of the Hippocratic Oath).

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And here I’m thinking about stopping pumping because it just provides primarily surface fluid buildup which tends to go away after a while. It actually ends up negating any sort of other exercise I do which I don’t tend to enjoy.. Plus it’s more of a hassle than just tugging at my penis.

***** Fluid buildup is bad.. make sure it isn’t that. ******

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