PE Gods are speaking to me

(Reposted from a portion of another post on the Main Forum)

Just yesterday, I was coming to the conclusion that it was time for me to refocus from length onto girth. I posted here mentioning something to that effect and then headed out for an errand.

The errand in question was picking up a friend from school to help him move apartments. He called me as I was heading out and said to meet him not at his girlfriend’s place, as planned, but at the engineering school loading dock. The eSchool was pitching a lot of old hardware, and poking through it had delayed him.

Getting there, I saw the last, not yet picked over bits of salvage left. A few moniters with “No Good” marked on their screens. Several custom made gizmos who’s purpose was probably known only to their creator, long departed. Naked circuit boards and MoBos of discarded PCs. Old BNC connector ethernet cards.

Poking through the salvage, I was pouring over one of the Unknown Gizmos when I spotted it. Attached to one of the hoses off the gizmo was a vacuum meter. Out came the leatherman. Snip. Mine.

Looking back over the story, it sounds like the start of an alladdin style tale. I can only hope…