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Newbie pumping questions

Newbie pumping questions

So I have been pumping for a a week and I have a couple of questions. For the most part it’s going really well so thanks to everyone who responded to my first post on here. The one question I have is in regards to erection status upon leaving the tube. My erections are getting firmer and somewhat easier to induce and when I’m in the tube I’m feeling very erect obviously, but once I pull out of the tube my cook flops. Is this normal to leave the tube not hard? I’m taking this very slow.. Never going above 5 HG and not longer than 10 mins..

Right now I’m trying to give up looking at porn because of decreased erection strength.. And to reverse turtling.. While increasing erection strength through pumping. I am noticing a better flaccid hang which is great being that it has only been a week.

Also.. I’ve been wrapping a rubber band around my cook and balls each day after a pumping session to give me a better flaccid lift and so far it’s working great ( obviously the rubber band isn’t super tight and I’m making sure there is no loss in circulation).. My question on this would be does anyone have any suggestions on an all day wrap I could use around my shaft after pumping to promote a larger flaccid.. I want something I can wear for 8 hours or so.

Losing the size right after you pull out of the tube is completely normal. The increased size in the tube is the result of your penis responding to the negative pressure of the vacuum, trying to get back to equilibrium (normal atmospheric pressure). When you pump, the air is sucked out of the chamber and your penis tries to fill the space. Once air is reintroduced, your penis no longer needs to fill that space, so it starts shrinking back down to normal size.

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