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More pumping questions

More pumping questions

I finally got up the courage to buy a pump, got it from LA Pump because 1) they have been so highly recommended here in the past and 2) they ship via UPS; I did not want to ship US Postal Service. I have gone through a couple of trial sessions, and can say that I am as excited as I ever have been about penile exercises (and I have been doing them off and on for almost 16 years). Looking forward to better erections in the hopefully near future!

This may sound like a silly question, but I will ask anyway: I happen to have what is probably an larger than average pubic fat/skin pad mainly resulting from 10+ years of poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. I have been working on that, lost quite a bit of weight, but still have a good amount of padding down there. When I lube up for pumping and enter the cylinder, I press the cylinder down into the pad as far as it will go and begin pumping, continuing to press (and kegel) to get the cylinder as far down as I can. I am finding that, while under pressure. if I let go of the cylinder and just let it hang, I get a good 2 psi higher reading than if I continue to hold the cylinder down. Is there anything I should be doing differently to keep the cylinder further down (without continuing to press it down manually) during a session? Or does that matter at all?

I can see myself becoming addicted to pumping very easily. One thing I will have to deal with in the next couple months or so (probably) is that the 1.75” cylinder that I bought is already being packed 2-3” from the base, up during a session. I wasn’t really expecting that, I have not been diligent measuring base girth since I started back into PE (my EQ in general has dwindled with age and I can’t seem to get a “measuring” erection that I’m happy with as often as I would like), but I know I was no more than a shade above 5” base and below 5 just beneath the head. I have always expanded very well under clamping, and that appears to be the case with pumping as well. I will stay with this cylinder size for a while because I would like to increase the girth from head to mid-shaft, and hopefully get a little bit of length, but depending on how I respond to the pumping/jelqing combo, I could be moving into a new cylinder more quickly than I had thought.

This is going to be fun.



Congrats on joing the pumping britherhood! “Becoming addicted?” I dare say young man that you were hooked at the very first squeeze of your pump! LOL.

If you are packing the base already, that’s a good sign. Stay with that tube a while until you pack it completely wall-to-wall, then move on to a 2.0.

And I would think that it doesn’t matter much in the way you hold the tube during your ramp up pump.

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You can actually use your fat pad spring back to your advantage. I am sure you have done a lot of reading about pumping and have heard of the milking technique where you pull the tube away from your body and release to get a pressure cycling effect. I now enjoy much more reverse milking where I bone press the tube and release, letting my fat pad spring back cycle the pressure higher. I don’t get a 2”hg increase like you, so your reverse milking will be even more effective then mine. So while you don’t like the thickness of your fat pad, you can use it to your advantage for reverse milking.

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That sounds very interesting.

I was thinking along those same lines gprent… I’m not going to be doing anything other than holding steady pressure, sets of 2-4 psi for 6 or a minutes for a week or two before I play around with “reverse milking”. I figure when I notice a substantial increase in EQ in general for a few days, I will be ready to figure out what to add to my pumping sets, if anything.

I plan to incorporate pumping as the main component into a routine that will also include jelq every workout day and some fulcrum stretches thrown in maybe 3x weekly.

I may not wait until I totally pack the tube from head to base before getting another one, having a tapered shape that gets wider down the shaft works well for me, but I would like the taper to be a little less drastic.


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