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newb pumper needs help!

newb pumper needs help!

Just received my pump today, very excited. I started to try it right away but I’ve encountered some problems. Are you supposed to pump to 100% erection in the tube? I seem to get to about 70% before I chicken out because it feels like my penis is about to explode :/ Can I get some advice on this please?

thanks in advance

Try to be 100% before you go into the tube and don’t go over 2-3hg until you have done it for awhile. You might be pumping at too high pressure and that’s causing the exploding feeling.


How could you miss the very first thread in the Pumpers Forum?

Vacuum Pumping 101

Well now that I think of it I couldn’t have said it better.


Ya put up stickies and they don’t get read unless they flash Neon. :)



Dude, before you go out and buy these expensive devices you need to do some research (is this device right for me? or what size do I need). This forum is FREE, lots of people here have done a lot research and have it documented here at Thunders. Try the research thing first before you ask or you’re going to get the comments that you have just gotten. These guys are good guys with a lot of good advise they are Seniors and Moderators. Study first, then ask what is not understood. Asking and answering is one of the biggest benefits here at Thunders, but you have to try to find the stuff first.

Please, do not take offense to any of us.

Pump at a lower vacuum for about a week then step up the vacuum slowly until you can get it as high as you can without causing penis blisters.

Originally Posted by NelsonNelson
Pump at a lower vacuum for about a week then step up the vacuum slowly until you can get it as high as you can without causing penis blisters.

This is not a good idea. (Sorry Nelson)

Originally Posted by gprent
This is not a good idea. (Sorry Nelson)

yea just keep building up vacuum every week until you can achieve a higher vacuum but don’t go over 5 hg. I think but I am not sure. I don’t know what that HG thing means. me myself I just experimented with different vacuum pressures until I fount one I liked and didn’t cause any pain or penis blisters.

how long should i keep my pumped penis in the cylinder before i release? plz let me know thx

Depends if you want to lengthen or you want more girth.

for lengthening keep a steady vacuum for about 15 - 20 minutes
for more girth release vacuum every 30 seconds

hope that helps

yes pump 30 seconds at high vacuum levels release wait 1 second or less reapply another strong vacuum do this for about 40 minutes

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.

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