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My first pumping session!

My first pumping session!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I’m officially a part of the pumping crowd now, and wow was it fun :) . That was a very interesting feeling and I literally had to will myself away from it because I didn’t want to go for too long. I just wanted to make sure that my routine is acceptable to you all.

10 minutes warming up with heating pad

5-7 minutes stretching

4 minutes pumping at 4 in. hg
2 minutes light jelqing
————————— (repeat this bracket 3 times)

and I’m planning on doing 2 days on, 1 off (except I will pump lightly on that day off)

That sound good?


We wrap the pad around the tube. You want a temp between 104 and 115. Walgreens is selling a heat pad with a digital readout.

Ok, from now on I’ll wrap around the tube as well as warming up before hand. That should keep the blood flow going nicely. Love the expansion I get in the tube also. I got the 2 1/4 in. tube and I think that was just right since the base of my penis mashes against the tube for about 1.5 inches up. If I measure while in the tube, I’m at 8.5 BPEL, unfortunately no way of knowing my EG in there, but definately looks fun :)


Sounds like you have a 9”x2.25” tube, from Jim Diamond.

It actually measures to 9.375” from rim to inside edge of the end.

The inch markers that came with mine where not correct, I put something else on there
that indicates actual distance from the rim and used a reliable ruler to place them.

I’m a 8.0+ BPEL guy, I am somewhere past 8 but less than 8.25 - maybe on viagra I am! LOL

In the tube, I’m just past 8.25 BPEL but less than 8.50 BPEL.

Some 8.0 BPEL guys make it to 9.0 BPEL in the tube.

Oh, once you start doing “sets” - most pumpers are jelquing and some stretching between sets.

I do about 10 minute sets.

I might do 10 to 20 jelqs in between sets and a stretch held for a minute - then go back in.

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Thanks for the tips djrobins. I’m normally a bit over 8” BPEL but I got about another 0.5” in the tube. The first thing I noticed about the tube is that I thought the measurements were off ;) so I used a measuring tape over the tube. That is the exact tube btw, good call :) . I really enjoy it too.

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