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Longer Pumping Today

Longer Pumping Today

Today i did a longer pumping session this morning from my different routine that i had been doing normally i do a 20 minute session at 3hg then withdraw from the cylinder and jelq around 2 mintues make sure not bad signs or anything and then back into the cylinder. for another 20 minutes today i did 30 minutes session with a 2 minute jelq. and then another 30 minute pumping at the same pressure. Now i noticed after this session my dick was much heavier and of course i have some fluid buildup around the circumision scar but no other signs. i am trying to build myself up to stay in the pump for longer sessions but so far just been doing 20 minute sessions now the fluid buildup i have i am sure it will go away very soon but i love the way my cock feels heavier is this something i should avoid doing getting fluid like this.. Or is this normal.

2nd part question is that i have the 10x2 gravel system pump that i use for my cylinder and after every pumping session i find it extremely difficult to get my cock out of the tube i release the pressure but it is extremly hard to get my cock out once outside of the tube my girth is bigger the than the outside circumfence of the cylinder should i use a bigger cylinder. when i say it is bigger than the outside circumfrence of they cylinder i mean it is 1/4 bigger than the cylinder circumfrence.

Try shifting the whole tube to the right or left. That should cause a small leak at the base on the side opposite the direction of your shift through which air can enter and let you out easily.

Fluid build-up is something you can contol through the lenght of time you spend in the tube with no breaks. Lymphatic fluid is normal stuff. It just makes your cock spongier rather than harder when you’re erect. If you tend to have sex shortly after a pump session, you’ll just be sqhooshier than harder. If you can maintain a high level of blood pressure within the cavernosa, that should keep you firm enough for sex.

If it’s just the look you’re going for, sex not a consideration, the lymphatic collection will certainly give you a fatter appearance for awhile; this lasting longer as you continue over months to pump.



Understand But

See i already tried shifting the cylinder to the left and right and air does excape but my cock is just not comming out of the cylinder, the bottom of the shaft is packed tightly and the head is packed tightly releasing the air by moving it from side to side is something i have tried like today i spent a good 2 minutes easing my cock out of the tube cause it just would not come out. Once outside of the tube i noticed that my penis is bigger than the tube circumfrence on the outside. Now here is another thing sometimes after my first pumping session of 20 minutes i cannot get my cock to go back into the tube it stops after inserting my head inside and just will not go any further.

any ideas .

Hmmm. Maybe you need a wider tube, Mick? That’s the next step. Fill one, move on if you feel you want more growth.




That is what i was thinking but was not sure i guess it could not hurt to bad walmart don’t carry anything bigger.

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