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Just finished my first pumping session and I have a few questions


Just finished my first pumping session and I have a few questions

Well I finally got my Lapdist pump, I followed gprents table for selecting the size, however if I could have gone back I would have followed the websites advice on sizing, I would have gotten a 2 1/4 instead of a 2 1/2. But before I go on about that, maybe what I experienced was normal.

I did not get much more length than my already BPEL measurement. I will have to mark it but i used a ruler and i figured it is the same thing.

I did 2 10 minute sessions and it felt fine, no weird sensations, I didn’t even think it felt good like everyone else says. My veins did bulge much more But the first time I tried it one of my balls got sucked into the tube. Not as bad as I thought that would be! I finished the 2nd session after I waited 10 minutes between that and the first. I felt the normal pressure, I even went up to 7 hg but even that wasn’t uncomfortable, Maybe I should go higher sometime in a few weeks.

My base DID pack the pump once i pumped up to about 3 hg, however it was only the bottom 2 inches of my shaft, So I am debating about ordering a 2 1/4 and using that until it is too small.

I am going for length (please spare me from the: Pumping is only for girth) comments, I’m starting hanging today too. So do you guys recommend I get the 2 1/4 and use that for a few months? I really need you guys advice before I put out another 70$ for a tube.

If you’ve just completed your first pumping session, I would not suggest seven inHg, and I definitely would recommend that you not go higher. Don’t expect to pack the whole shaft immediately. If you packed the bottom two inches of your shaft with 3 inHg in your first session, you did well and it sounds like you are in the right neighborhood for cylinder size.

What’s your base girth?

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Well heres the thing. It measures 7 when i use a tape measure, and 7 when i use string then measure that. However it looks NOTHING compared to the other guys who post pics of 7 inch girths. I suppose if I pull hard its probably 6.75, meaning I should use the 2 1/4?

It just looked SO weird having the base super thick in the tube and not anywhere else, also a lot of my skin was getting sucked up into it.

Anyone? I was planning on ordering a smaller pump immediately. I was under the impression if it didn’t lengthen about ana inch in the tube and you were going for length growth, then you need to be packing a lot more of it, is that correct?

I pack maybe the first 5-6 inches of my 6” tube and I don’t get that much of an increase in length compared to my bp measurements either. I think its pretty normal. Personally I would just stick with what you have, over time you should start packing more and more of your cylinder. Also be careful of over pumping, I know how easy it is to get carried away. Even if it isn’t that uncomfortable, you can definitely get some negative PIs like loss of hardness which require short breaks to get over.

Interesting, I’ll keep that in mind. And 6’ tube? do you mean 6 inches thick!? I too want to stick with what I have but I don’t want that much more girth.

I’d recommend gprent’s excellent primer, Selecting Your Cylinder Size , as the unofficial/official guide to cylinder size. I’m in the process of ordering a new (larger:D ) cylinder, and the recommendations on the diferent pumping sites vary greatly. Thanks again, gprent!

:_pump: :donatecar


If you are already near 7” girth, the 2.5” tube is the way to go. If you where closer to 6” girth and trying to move up to 7” girth the 2.25” tube would be the way to go.

The popular sizing charts illustrate this.

Okay, well I ordered the 2.25 and Can’t wait till it arrives. My guy is gooing to be strangled in there and PULLED! =)

Using different cylinders

If you got a nut sucked in, it’s definitely too big, and probably will be for awhile. I have pumped in a 2 inch, a 2 and a quarter, and a 2 and a half. The only way I can stay inside of a 2 and a half is with a silicone ‘donut’ attachment. Usually I take a break for a week or more, after a session where I have gone into the 2 and a half. Everything is OK, just 2 days after, but I like to have healing time. The two inch is really a little bit too tight. I am the most comfortable in a 2 and a quarter, and I have pumped on and off, for years with that same diameter. I just pump for fun most of the time. I am trying for length gains with faster methods. Still, I plan on pumping regularly, or occasionally, to continue to add to my overall size.

Keys what are your measurements?

I have not tried to measure myself lately, because I am just getting back into PE, after taking time off, from a regular schedule.

I feel as if I am at a starting point again, with some kind of program.

I know I am less than 6 inches around, but I am wide.
I am about 7 inches long. I say ‘about’, because sometimes it is more, and sometimes it is less.

That would be BPEL: bone pressed erect length. Right.

LOL I know how those “about” measurements go, erections change a lot with me too. I’m 7.3 BPEL and slightly under 7 around at the base. Problem is my head is just over 5, So a smaller pump is even better for me I want to cylinder my penis more, it tapers way too much.

I just started pumping also,I only went up to I pump and then hold the pressure for ? Or do I pump, wait a minute or two and release the pressure and do it again.When I hit 2-3 HG I feel a tugging sensation,I suppose that is the feeling I`m looking for.

Right now I measure at 6.5,(would love to get a little larger)girth 5( would love to get a little wider),however everything works(rock hard when I need to be)I don’t want to screw it up with injuries.Thanks

Haha yeah I meant a 2” cylinder.

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