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Pumping in bed next to my wife!!

Pumping in bed next to my wife!!

Hi all,

I have been at this pumping thing for around two years now with the modest gains and I’m still here and looking for refreshing ideas and I’m pleased to say there have been plenty lately.

One of the main problems for me has been the time it takes to do PE properly. Being fairly committed to my project has seen me head for the study around 8:30pm for a couple of hours leaving my wife to watch TV or just go to bed. She knows what I do and gives me plenty of space and is very supportive most of the time, but I do feel bad about not spending more time with her.

There is a point and I should get there soon.

The other day I had a morning to myself and decided to take advantage of the morning mongrel that so often follows a evening pump session. I got my pump, tube and baby oil and had a go at pumping in bed. Well I have to say it was a great success! It’s winter here in Australia and my study gets bloody cold and I think this can have a negative affect on my routine. In bed is a whole different story, it’s warm and very comfortable and the super tight ball sack problem (cold) that sometime makes pumping uncomfortable is minimised.

While reading my book and under vacuum I realised that pumping in bed may be the answer to my time problem.
I plucked up the courage to ask my wife if she would mind me pumping next to her in bed at say 10-10:30 pm while I read and she drifts off to sleep. I said it would give us more time to spend together and I would be there with her while she falls to sleep. She thought it was a great idea and appreciated the offer. Well we had our first pumping session together, so to speak, and it went well. It was the first time she had a chance to get a real close up look at what goes on, she had seen it before but not in this detail. After a load of questions like “does it hurt” and “that can’t be good for you” she settled down to sleep while I continued and it was a great success. (oh I did answer all her questions about the positives from pumping and how much healthier things are down there)

I’m really pleased because this allows me to spend more time pumping that I would have been able to in the office and we get more time together.

Just thought I’d share that in case others were wondering how to better balance PE and home life. I must say having a wife that understands is a huge bonus. She has been enjoying the results and even said that the lads at cricket are going to wonder what’s going on as that thing is much bigger than last year! She asked what my answer would be if they asked…..I don’t know really.

By the way, I tried to combat the cold recently by designing my very own “Pump Pants”. When I pump in the office, I usually do so with a heater on and naked from the waste down for obvious reasons. Well it’s bloody freezing and I needed to come up with a fix. Bing! I’ve got it…..hunted for an old pair of tracky daks…(sweat pants) and proceeded to cut a slit down the front and then across in an inverted T and they worked a treat. I could easily attach the tube without to much fuss and when I got up for a drink or had to leave my study I just twisted/rotated the pants to one side so that the slit closed enough to hold everything in.

Well I’m off to bed now to do a couple of sets while reading.

Thanks again for the influx of pumping threads and discussing I am currently doing 2 or 3 x 10 min and 5” hg followed by 5 min of milking the tube from .5-1”hg to 5” hg and it feels great. I feel much thicker and the physical pull I get when moving from 1” hg to 5” hg and holding for a count of 5 feels great for length.


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

It’s nice to have that open sharing relationship with your wife. Now why in hell aren’t you making love to her right after a pump session when she can enjoy your after pump size?

“and naked from the waste down ….”

Thanks for the laugh.

Skeptdick, its great you can be so open, you must have a great wife. All the best.


Way to go, Skeptdick!

I do almost all of my routine either sitting or laying in bed with the wife by my side. Although she always sustained I didn’t need any more size, she’s now enjoying PE with me. I incorporated pumping this week, I do it late at night laying on bed, she watches and asks the same kind of questions your wife does, often followed by an exclamation of aw and pleasure.

Listen to Gprent advice, Many times I have concluded a PE session with a monumental fuck, as a say, PE turns out to be healthy both for the dick and a coupple’s relationship.

Take care,

Well guys thanks for the replies and Hog glad I’m not the only one. Sometimes I wonder if I’m some sort of freak doing all this stuff. Truth be known we probably are a little “different” and with some more PE the difference will have a physical aspect as well

Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....


maybe we are “different” but I t does not mean we’re abnormal. Almost 3,000 years of religious conditioning has embedded the belief in our western culture that sex related matters are taboo. Therefore, being “different” might simply mean that we are getting rid of that religious conditioning that fills us with guilt about things that are absolutely natural.

As I told you, PEing done with your partner (wife or otherwise for those unmarried) can be very sexy and adds to the sexual repertoire of a couple. I’m enjoying it.

Have good gains and a good time!

Take care,

Skeptdick: Yes couples who PE together stay together. My S\O is fasenated with all my routines. I hang 20 lbs OTS over the back of the couch as we sit and cuddle while watching movies on TV. What really helps is her assistance in getting me hard enough for my 10 minute Ulis in between hanging sets. She plays with my balls holding access scrotum skin out of the way as I jelq, and her favorite PE activity is jelkqing the tube for me while I pump. She is just amazed at how my vacuum encased dick looks swollen and packing the tube in her small hands. Then the best part is afterwards when I slip out of the cylinder all slick and huge and pump her with my post-pump 6-1/4” girth. She says she can’t wait till my dick is as big in her hands out of the cylinder as it is when it is inside pumped up at 8-10 inhg. Hey, I I can’t wait either.

Man, I didn’t know it got that cold down under.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Hi Bigirtha,

I’ll second that. I fail to go into the tube hard enough, so I’m gone to ask the wife to give me some assistance, she’ll be happy because she has the same attitude as yours when I’m pumping. When I came out last night, was 6” around and 7.5” BPEL. She had a bad day and was beaten but couldn’t resist grabbing it and and giving it a big wet kiss. I was considerate enough to let her go to sleep after she satisfied herself. It was a very good feeling. Today, we decided to have a nice fuck after the pumping session tomorrow (today is may day off training).

Take care,

That’s fantastic Big G! your s/o takes it to a whole new new level….

My wife does chip in here and there but truth be known I’m still a bit funny about the whole thing. But that’s ok, you guys make me laugh all the same and I like hearing stories of partners and PE.

And yes it getts bloody freezing down under….Canberra goes below zero deg c all the time during winter, here in Adelaide it’s no as bad maybe 4-6 deg c at night but for us who like it 38 and sunshine that’s cold.

In fact while am at it, I often wondered wether Australia might have the biggest change in temp from winter to summer. adelaide last year got to 46 deg c and then as low as say 1 or 2 deg c (44 deg gap). I was in Toronto Canada and found out that I could not have been further from the truth…from memory they can see high 30’s in summer and in the -20’s in winter!

Just some of the useless trivia clogging up my brain.


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

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