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Weird Pain When Pumping

Weird Pain When Pumping


I was doing my usual routine tonight after a 3 day break. I was going to do 5 sets of 5-minute pumps. First I did a 5 minute warm up with a hot wrap and then I did my first set. I also put a hot wrap around the tube. The first set went fine.

The during my second set a little under 4 minutes into it I got this strange feeling like a small muscle spasming just below the base of my shaft. It didn’t feel like my pc muscle though. It didn’t hurt At all, just felt strange so I stopped.

I tried another set of pumping and felt fine until a little over 3 minutes into it and I felt the same thing only a little more intense. It didn’t even hurt really, just felt like something was spasming. I decided to call it quits.

Then about ten seconds after I got the tube off I felt a little “jerk” at the base of my penis on the left side. Ever had like a facial twitch? It was like that except more intense. There was a very slight amount of pain. It happened one more time 2 minutes after that.

Since then I’ve felt pretty much fine but I’ve got this lingering feeling it could happen again. I can get an erection just fine and I have no other problems.

I think I’ll take a week off and see what happens. Anyone ever experience something like this?


I wouldn’t think it was anything to be majorly concerned over. I’ve gotten that same type of muscle spasm before from down in that region when doing PE but, never had any real problems ever as a result. Good luck. Try to make sure your tube is not pushing hard against the top of your penis at the pubic bone which could place pressure on your nerves.


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