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Giving Pumping Another Try

Giving Pumping Another Try

Hey Pumping Vets,

Looking for some advice here. I discovered pumping about 9 years ago and a messed around with it on and off for about 2 years. During that period, I managed to stick to a regular, committed routine for a maximum of about five months. Problem was, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I used way too much pressure with my Kaplan pump (no pressure gauge), which yielded me impressive temporary increases (aka a lymph-bloated dick) but started to result in less rigid erections. When the erections started going south, I dropped any serious commitment to pumping and only messed around with it once or twice every few months over the next several years, often as a prelude to jacking off.

I discovered “natural” PE about four or five years ago and have been engaged (again on and off for months at a time) in jelqing, powerjelqing, squeezes, and most recently clamping routines in hopes of increasing my girth (see my routine logs from the links below). Unfortunately, I’ve had VERY minimal if any success in the girth department. What little girth increase I’ve gotten in about 9 years of experimentation (about .2”) I believe I got early on from the pumping (see stats below). I’ve seen NO permanent growth in the past few years, despite all of the experimentation with “natural” techniques.

I’ve read the pumping 101 thread very carefully and have decided to give pumping another try. This go around I have a LA Pump Dist. manual pump with a gauge. Since many of you guys have reported some solid girth increases with pumping — and I know everyone is different — and because it appears as if I had “some” minimal success with pumping for girth in the past, pumping may be my best bet for adding the half inch of girth I’ve been in search of for years. I’ve come up with the following routine, which I think I can manage given my time constraints, and that I believe will avoid some of the negative side effects I experienced when I first tried pumping years ago:


1. Every day: 100 kegels upon rising
2. Every day: 100 erect dick raises with a 6 oz weight on my dick head upon rising
3. Every day: 5 min of wet jelq to get the blood flowing in the morning


4. MWF: start with 3 10-minute sets of pumping (12” x 2.25” tube) at about 3 hg of pressure,
with continuous 110 degree heat wrap, jelquing for about 3 min between sets
5. MWF: 1 3/4” rigid cockring for several hours after workout to maintain engorgement

So what do you guys think? Is this enough volume/intensity to realize some growth over time, but not so much that it is likely to mess with my erections? Of course, I guess I won’t really know until I give it a shot. But I thought I’d seek out some expert advice about whether the basic principles underlying my proposed routine appear sound. Thanks in advance.

I have never pumped before, but after reading a lot about it, I think your tube is too big.

Maybe some experienced pumpers can give you more advice.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

I have been pumping on a dedicated schedule for almost 6mos straight. And I have seen some games in both length and girth. Girth being the slower of the two but any gains are good gains. I purchased a tube that was 1-3/4 diameter which is about 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 girth (i think) since I was at that time 4-7/8 this gave some room for growth and it didn’t take long before I started packing it or coming close too. Usually now in my second set I am packing the tube.

Personally I think when you pack the tube you have less fuild or swelling and overall it is better for growth. Least in my opinion. I may not have been doing this as long as others but I do think this is working and after I have been at this for a year. I want to take a break for a while maybe 1-2mos of no PE too see if the gains are really gains. But if i’m satisfied with the progress coming this feb (my 6mo point) then I will upgrade to a bigger tube (whoohoo). That has too mean something that there is some progress there at least.

My routine is just 2 30min sessions that are about 5-6hg, warm wraps before and after and stretching before/during sessions/after. I may get occasional lymph fluid but the stretching takes it away within minutes. Yeah I had the same problem as you a while back about 5-6yrs ago when I tried my first pump… (el cheapo) with no guage and I think thats how I got some discoloration on the underside of my penis which has never faded. So please people do not over do it…. even if you don’t stay in the 5hg range and you try going to 8-10hg which I think is fine for short periods of 1-5mins. If you feel any discomfort or pain reduce the pressure. Remember you only have one of these and if you ruin it thats it :)

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Hey guys, thanks for the tips. Any negative effects so far re: your erection? So far so good for me. Gotta be ready to hook up the wife, lol!

That’s a very wide tube, brian. But, if you get a good seal with it and your balls don’t keep popping into it, go with it.

Erection quality for me improved with regular pumping. Even my arteries have arteries. :)



I think that starting out at just 3”hg is fine. It’s better to start too slow the too fast. Stay at that level for awhile and get used to pumping. For your girth, you may find that your cylinder diameter is .25” too large. If it gives you problems, the solution is a 2.0 cylinder.

After awhile you can start increasing the pressure, but for the foreseeable future, keep 5”hg as your upper limit.

Originally Posted by avocet8
That’s a very wide tube, brian. But, if you get a good seal with it and your balls don’t keep popping into it, go with it.

Erection quality for me improved with regular pumping. Even my arteries have arteries. :)

Your story is definitely encouraging, Avocet. I read your thread carefully and I really think the difference for me this time re: my erection quality will be keeping the pressure within a reasonable lower range and not distorting the dick. As far as the width of the tube is concerned, I got the wider one because I’m only interested in girth and worried that if went with a smaller one I might prematurely constrain possible girth gains. And, of course, I didn’t look forward to shelling out the bucks for the larger tube later, lol — particularly since pumping was a failure for me last time (I threw my previous equipment away in a dumpster somewhere.) So far, the ball slippage issue hasn’t been a big one for me, and I’ve gotten a really good seal from shaving the area well. The biggest challenge has been staying good and hard in the tube due to the lower pressure. I always start out that way but when the mind wanders mid way through a set, I sometimes have to get creative to get the hard on back. I’ve been trying not to rely too much on porn (don’t want to become desensitized), but every now and then I have to resort to it.

Then continue to work with your 2.25 tube.

Normally the lower pressure is sufficient to hold a firm erection in the tube. Remember that what happens after you come out of the tube is not so important as what was happening while in it.



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