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Measuring in Pump

Measuring in Pump

I have had trouble lately measuring accurately because even though I press against my pubic bone if I go slightly lower or higher I get different readings on my ruler.

So this is what i plan on doing to get an accurate measurement:

I going to use my Pump (it has measurements from the base to the top in mm & inches) for measuring my length.

I’m calling this method of measurement, Pump Erect Length: Pressure, Length

So if I go into the pump erect, use 5 inches Hg of pressure & my length is 7.8 inches,

PEL: 5”, 7.8”

Might be useful for other people too.

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Yes, your size in a pump is a great indication of progress.

One of the smartest things I did in PE, at the prompting of advice I found online, was to mark in a black felt-tip marker exactly how far my cock reached in the tube when I first started.

When I was first making gains, or so I thought I was, it was hard to know for sure because taking a good bone-pressed measurement is not an exact science. A couple months later, when my cock in-the-tube was a good two centimeters past that black mark on my tube, there was no denying what was going on. (Especially if you are noticing progress early in the first set, before “inflating/swelling”…)

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Wow, that’s a brilliant idea, Cdr. Blop, for avoiding measurement error. I had trouble knowing when I first really began to make PE gains, because of the ruler-measurement issue you mention.

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