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Marking the Tube

Marking the Tube

Greetings Pumpers,

For any new guys that have taken up pumping, one way to track progress and get an indication of potential gains is to mark your progress in terms of expanding down the tube starting with the first pumping session and, as progress is made, there after at appropriate times. Question is, if you do not have a graduated cylinder, how best to mark the tube as acrylic doesn’t take ink very well?

A technique I use is to take a 6-8 inch strip of Scotch brand mylar tape and place it on the tube starting from the top of the cylinder. Mylar takes ink very well, either from a ball point pen or from a Sharpie felt tip pen. Thus, you can make graduated tic marks on the tube by transposing marks from a ruler. Also, if you expand out of one tube (happy thought, that) you can lay the tubes side by side and use a right-angle straight edge to copy your progress marks from the older tube to the new one.

As nice as the “pumped” look and feel is after a good pumping session, it’s more gratifying to see the end of your unit gradually move down the tube, aided by kegels and tube milk strokes as you gain conditioning and experience.

All the Best,



Good reminder. Nothing like a visual marker to indicate the gradual gains being made.


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Could always use a thin tape

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