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la pump not working (after 2 weeks)…

la pump not working (after 2 weeks)…

I just got my pump and cylinder 2 weeks ago, and tonight after one fifteen minute pump, I can’t get it to hold any pressure. I can’t tell what isn’t working, I originally thought that I wasn’t using enough lube to make a seal, but I tried putting the cylinder up to my chest and pumping and it wouldn’t hold any pressure there either.

This sucks (for the lack of suction. I was hoping to get in some time before my vacation.

Anyone ever have to do a return of merchandise with la pump? I know they say there are no returns, but for non-functioning merchandise?
I’ve heard they aren’t so good with communication.

Hey jcloud,

Disconnect your tube from the tubing and see if you can draw a vacuum by covering the end of the fitting with your thumb. Leave it there awhile and see if it starts dropping. Don’t go nuts with the vacuum though.

Next, check where the fitting screws into the tube itself. Is that fitting tight?

If yes and yes to the above, put the tube and pump back together making sure that the fittings are joined correctly together. Now try drawing a vacuum on your palm and see if the vacuum stays or gradually drops.

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That did it, Thunder. Thanks. I didn’t realize that the coupler at the top of the cylinder screws off. Not a lot of instruction with the pump.

But other than that, it’s a nice piece of equipment.

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