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Care and Maintenance of your pump

Care and Maintenance of your pump

After a pumping session you need to wash and dry your pump and tube for the next time it will be used, first off washing the tube, if you don’t have a bottle brush you really need to get one it will save you alot of time when cleaning the tube ( a bottle brush is a brush used to clean the inside of bottles it’s a piece of wire with bristles at the end of it , sort of looks like a big pipe cleaner ) also you will need some sort of cleaner. For glycerin based lubes I would recommend just plain ol liquid soap but for Petroleum based lubes I would use something like dawn or any other dish washing liquid you may have ( Warning do not use Petroleum based lubes if your pump has a rubber or latex seal at the bottom. ) After you clean the inside and outside of the tube you can either let it air dry or just get a hand towel and force it up the tube starting with a corner of the hand towel and then just start shoving in the rest of the towel, try turning the towel to make sure you get the whole inside of the tube clean and dry.

Now the hand pump and the hose, just get a rag wet and rub the hose to get any lube off, and for the hand pump try not to get any water in it but with a wet rag go over it as well, use a dry hand towel to dry the hose and the hand pump off and wallah you have a clean and dry-ed tube and pump for the next days workout.


For all pumpers

After a talk with avocet8 he made a very good point about drying your tube after use, It’s very important that you dry the inside of the tube not just wash it off and thats it I mean really get a clean rag or hand cloth and make sure you get it dry, because bacteria can survive and later cause a urinary tract infection and believe me this you really want to avoid. So remember clean them good and dry them very good. Because whats better 10min of cleaning and drying or having a urinary tract infection!


Thanks Avocet8

I just wanted to thank Avocet8 for brining this to my attention, without him I would not have even thought about someone getting an infection from not drying, So again thanks Avocet8!


Thanks Avocet8 and new2hanging…that’s good info to know as I wasn’t properly cleaning my tube.

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