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Just had my first session


Just had my first session

I just had my first session today and enjoyed it very much, but I have a question. I didn’t go over 5 Hg and mainly stayed around 4 Hg, but the feeling wasn’t too intense although there was a bit of discoloration on my dick. Also, after my session my dick totally returned to normal. It didn’t look any more pumped up after I was done. I pumped for about 10 minutes. I seem to have read that there would be a significant short term gain at first although it will probably quickly be lost. Is it normal not to experience any increase? Should I change anything I am doing?


Your’re new to pumping. 10 minutes at low Hg. is good. You’ll not see much enlargement for a while. But you must condition yourself. It will take several of these begining session to condition. Try doing a 10 minute session in the morning and wait several hours (6-8) and do another. Do this for a week. Then begin to do two reps of about 8 minutes in morning and evening still at low Hg. (Read Avocet’s 101) Do this for a week—you’re conditioning yourself. Then begin to do 3 reps one time a day. You need to work up slowly to about an hour of pumping with breaks ever 8-10 minutes and jelq between to refresh the blood supply and kegel during the session, milk the tube, etc to refresh the blood supply. Make sure that you warm up by jelquing before pumping as you will discolor greatly. Try to enter tube fully erect and either use warm washcloth or a heating pad to keep the tube warm—very important. Take it slowly and drink at least a large glass of water an hour or so before pumping session and a lot more during the day. You’ll be fine, just give yourself a lot of time—Steve


This isn’t a miracle program. It is an exercise program that takes a lot of time and patience. Even the guys that report the fast gains in a short amount of time are talking three weeks, not one day!

Take you time and be patient. Don’t try to use the power of the pump to speed your gains. Stay at your current pressure levels for several weeks, but like Tenn said, start doing two sets of 10 minutes. You are already experiencing some discoloration, so take it easy. Discoloration can be avoided if you go nice and slow at first and slowly add to your routine.

Also remember to warm up first and always pump up slowly and make pressure changes slowly.

Thanks for the reply. Do I eventually work up to multiple sets of pumping and jelqing over and over again in one time frame, say the morning and then another one at night, or do I do one set (10 min pump, 10 min jelq) multiple times per day? Hope you understand the question. Thanks

Also I have heard that pumping 4 times a day is correct and on here it seems that most people advise pumping almost every day and multiple times per day. I always thought the penis needed rest to grow. Is my dick really gonna any rest from pumping so often?

I think it is best to do all your training in one session, once per day. You can overdo anything and PE is no exception. Especially as a newbie, just once a day is plenty and then you will get plenty of rest. As you gain your own experience as to how you react and recover in your program, you can make adjustments, but for now, you are just getting used to PE. The biggest mistake a newbie can make is to go too hard, too fast and too long.

What gprent said.

Everybody (and it looks like everybody from where I sit!) experiences the temptation in pumping to do just a little more of this or that when we first start out. And nearly everybody reports back that a little more of this or that didn’t work so well as an easy, gentle beginning course.

The reason that cocks are so much fun in sex is that they are very sensitive body parts. Respect that sensitivity. They are sensitive in pump cylinders, too.



Thanks for the replies. So just to clarify, it would be best to start with set of pumping and jelqing in a session, and then after a week add two sets in one session and then eventually go up to 3? And then later I could see if splitting my pumping and jelqing into two sessions at different times of the day would be useful.

Also, is it OK to masturbate right after I am done with my session? Would this hinder any gains?

Originally Posted by SlickDickey
Also, is it OK to masturbate right after I am done with my session? Would this hinder any gains?

I don’t see any problem with doing that. If anything, doing some jelqing would be good.

Start: 5/31/2004 EBP: 5.75 EG: 4.5 ENBP: 5.25 FL: 4 Using Penimaster and Jelq. 12/12/2004 EBP: 6 EG: 5.5 Midshaft; 6 Base ENBP: 5.5 Now using Penimaster, Jelq and pumping. 7/16/2006 Now adding vacu-hanger and removing penimaster. Goal: EBP: 7.25 ENBP: 6.75

what brand of pumps are you guys using????

I’m now using a Pump Toys Vel Seal Tube from They have to be the best tube on the market as far as I’m concerned. The tube is made out of the best grade of acrylic it’s optical quality. All the fabricated pieces are attached using a special glue the air force uses for their windshields. The tube also comes with a extremely comfortable silicon pad on the bottom of the tube which leaves no Marks after a pumping session. I got the plastic mity-vac with it because I was short on cash, also offers a metal mity-vac to if you are looking for quality and durability. I really do not have any other tube experience to compare this to, but I’m pretty confident it is at least on the top 3 best tubes if not the best, service is top notch as well, if you want more info feel free to ask.

SlickDickey: It takes time, man. Pumping, clamping, or all the other PE exercizes, all take lots of time and dedication. If you put in the time, you will reap the rewards. =)

As far as masturbation goes, there’s a big debate over whether or not it hinders or does nothing to impair gains. Many people say it doesn’t, but many (like myself) like to play it safe and allow the penis some rest time before any sexual activity (including masturbation). I personally believe it’s wise to give your cock at least the same amount of time in rest that you’ve put into it exercizing, i.e. if you do an hour of PE exercizes straight, then don’t have sex or masturbate for at least an hour, if not two. Personally, I think it helps the tissues grow further, but who knows. I think it really comes down to how badly you need to get off…if you just can’t stand to wait, then go ahead and do it. It probably doesn’t hurt gains THAT much, if at all. It’s just the “play it safe” types (like me) who like to ensure our size stays and doesn’t waver because of, ironically, sex. =P

Hi! I jsut had my first session yesterday too and have quite some trouble and thus need some advise!

I used KY Jelly as a lubricant. is that a good lubricant? Doesn’t seem to be very slippery.

First problem I encounter is that the glans keep on rubbing against the tube, making pumping an pain process. I applied quite some KY Jelly, but the effect is still the same.

Secondly, When pumping up ato only about 1Hg, my foreskin seemed to retract to the max with the shaft skin very tight. If i continue to pump, I doubt my foreskin is bale to retract more as my whole glans is explosed. Is this normal? How do I pump up to high Hg?

Thirdly, after I take my tool out of my pump, I notice that it is semi-erect rather than fully erect. Is this normal?

Hope someone can answer these questions.



Try something like Astroglide and see if that doesn’t work better. KY is fine, but it does dry quickly. You can always use gprent’s trick of keeping a glass of water handy to remoisten. You might also pre-lube the sidewalls high up in the tube, then retract your foreskin and slather a lot of the lube on your glans. This should stop the abrasion.

Yes; if you have an easily retractable foreskin, it will likely pull all the way back once you are erect.

Very few of us come out of the tube fully erect.



I tend to agree with phreakk in dealing with sex and masturbation. Although I don’t believe that ejaculating hinders gains at all, when you start getting that post-pump fatness you’ll probably want to prolong that as long as possible both because it’s encouraging to your PE efforts and your micro-tears begin to heal in a larger flaccid state than normal; ejaculating just causes everything to turtle back.



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