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Great PE session!

Great PE session!

I finally had my first real “great” PE session last night. I’ve been around Thunder’s Place for a while now, just peeking in and out from time to time and had difficultly getting motivated to actually do this. About a year ago, I tried to PE with the newbie routine for a month and then measured to find that nothing had changed and quickly lost interest. I don’t think I was effectively doing the exercises. I tried starting again from time to time with the motivation from reading some of these posts here. Quickly failed. I even built my own hanger from rubber PVC and a clamp and used it a few times, but now it sits next to my Nintendo 64 (*note to self* Move that!) My problem is that I want to see gains quickly much like everyone else does in life, but I realize that it takes time.

So recently, I decided to hop back on the bandwagon with the newbie routine right before I go to bed. I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and I have to say that last night I had probably the best PE session so far! I mean, my stretches felt effective and the jelqs really left me with that pumped feeling. Afterwards, I looked at my unit and said to myself, “one day you’re going to wow her”. “Her” doesn’t even exist! I don’t have a girlfriend now but I thought it in the general sense. So now, I am starting to build back that motivation to keep on PEing and to not think about measuring for at least 3 months. I’m curious now. What motivates you to keep on PEing?

I just had a great PE session myself this morning & after seeing you post what motivates me is the super rock hard erection I have right now. It’s maintaing your penis. You try & take care of your body as you age & that means your penis too. As a man in his mid 50’s my cock is as hard now but bigger than when I was 20.

As I said before here months ago you use it or lose it. I intend to keep on using it & PE can be used to that end of keeping your unit in good working order. Can’t wait till my wife gets home today. Good luck in your efforts.

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