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First hanging session

First hanging session

Today, I threw myself into the sea, let a wave released and washed over me! Nearly drowned! *cough cough sputter…..ahem*

Well, I decided to start a hang session, just to get the feel for the set-up and tribulations associated with hanging!

I alloted myself 20 minutes for a hang session, for my first hang! Hanging is a new technique altogether for me, but one that I feel would provide extra benefits and symbiotically improve my regular workouts!

Being the sure fellow that I am, or think to be anyways, I decreed that I could expertly assemble my home-made Bib over the Thera-Wrap, plus attach weights and settle into a hanging position just like that, no problem at all, like a hot knife slices through butter!

Think so? Hell no! It took me about 30 minutes of fumbling around with the wrap with one hand, while holding my stretched out wanker with the other hand, and trying to get both hands to work together as a team, all to a difficult degree!

Then, when I was set up with the hanger itself and had the hose clamp in position, I realized that I didn’t have a screwdriver with me to tighten it up, so, to the rescue came the nail clippers!

After setting the hanger in position and tightening the screws and attaching the weights (5 lbs), I saw that the hanger was to high as it rode over glans. So I readjusted it lower on the shaft, which seemed to work then. Try wiggling the hanger down over Thera-wrap, eh? Hard.

Okay, so far so good. The hanger is in perfect position now. But, in my narrow mindedness, I had cut too much string for the attachments of the weight to the S-hook! The length was too long! The weights rested upon the floor from where I was sitting on the bathtub edge. Hmmph! Gee, so then I had the idea that I could get up onto the bathroom countertop and hang over its edge. Okay, I got up and let my legs dangle over the edge. But I wanted to concentrate on BTC hanging, so I leaned back into the mirror, brought my legs up, knees bent, to my chest, and let the hanger over the edge of the countertop.

So, there I am, in a fetal position on top of my bathroom countertop resting against the tile and mirror, with 5lbs hanging down to the floor!

By then, it was about 45 minutes too much that I gave myself for the hanging session. I was -25 minutes now! I figured what the hell, I’ll hang for 5 minutes, just so I can say that I hanged today, and have officially, although somewhat stumbling and shakily, joined the hangers forum!

So, today I had a hang session! 5lbs for 5 minutes! Quite proud of myself, considering all the heartache I went through! *blows on knuckles and shines them on shirt*

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!


I know how it feels i started my first proper hang session about 2 weeks ago and first few times i seemed to spend more time fumbling around realising the screwdriver was on the other side off the room etc.

Im still fumbling somewhat but i figure the more experienced i get and the better equipment i get the quicker and shorter my “downtime” will be.

Just so you dont feel bad my first session i did 5 lbs for 1 hour 40 mins of hangtime in 20 mins sets and it took me a total of 3 and a half hours

Anyway goodluck amd happy gaining :)

I just started with a crude hanger - a sock with weights (2 or 4 lb). I pull it over the glans & then fit a rubber band a couple of times till the grip is tight enough so that it doesnt’ slip. I’ve noticed that hanging 15-20 mins makes the head slightly bluish. So I hang for 10 mins & take a break of 2-5 mins. I continue for about an hour.

Initially the glans would burn a little & the sock would slide over the head causing a sore feeling. So I chose a rubber band that would wrap tighter. Now it is comfortable, no slip. But becuase it restricts blood supply 10 minutes was optimum for me - didn’t leave any bluish discoloration. Any suggestions are welcome…

rg, how about trying a hose clamp instead of a rubber band for clamping?

You know, the homemade version of Bib’s hanger is cheap to build, like, about $10 Canadian at Home Depot.

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

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