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Juanlw4444's pumping routine

Juanlw4444's pumping routine

I am relatively new to pumping. I have been doing PE via jelquing for years and decided to take the plunge to pump. I can tell you that I have only noticed gains after pumping.

Here’s my routine:

Warmup with warm rice sock for 10 minutes
600 wet jelqs
First 10 minute pump session (currently 5 HG)
Massage after pump session

Rice sock warmup for 5 minutes
60 jelqs
Second 10 minute pump session
Massage after pump session

Rice sock warmup for 5 minutes
60 jelqs
Third 10 minute pump session
Massage after pump session

It all takes a little while but I’m starting to notice gains with the jelq combined with pump sessions. My progress pics:

Juanlw4444 starting pics

700+ jelqs per day? Ugh.

I could be counting wrong, too. I’m counting each hand stroke as one jelq. I wasn’t sure if I should count two hand strokes (left and right) as one.

No - one stroke, one jelq. Maybe you are using a fast rithm and/or a mild grip. Anyway if you have been doing that for years without problems, good for you.

That’s 35 mins of jelqing with a 3 second stroke.

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Plus pauses between a stroke and the next, it is about the double.

Originally Posted by memento
That’s 35 mins of jelqing with a 3 second stroke.

Yes, it would be. I use a slightly faster stroke which I find helps me out a lot. I also use a light to moderate grip. If I go too slowly I end up with a full erection. If I go faster, I maintain 40-50% or so erection and end up with better post-jelq results. This is still time-consuming, though. Combined with the three pump sessions, my morning or night routine takes forever!

Look at it this way, if your penis doesn’t get bigger, maybe your biceps will!

That’s a lot of jelqing.

Experiencing some spotting, I think I will switch to an every other day routine.

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So I had to temporarily stop pumping and jelquing due to injury. I got as far as one twenty minute session and one ten minute session per day (week 5 and day 5 of Avocet8’s program). I think I have to follow my body’s unique signs on this one. 2.5 hg is perfect, I get spotting at 3hg. Anything above that I experience bruising. I had to stop from a burst capillary in the urethra. There was no pain but it was enough for me to put down the pump for a week, and no masturbating or sexual activity in the meantime.

My other problem may be that I was not taking regular days off.

I find 2.5-3”hg is all I can take without red spots as well.

Keeping the sets to ten minutes helps a lot, anytime I go over 10mins even at 2.5”hg the dots are worse !

Thanks. I was leaning towards doing just 10 minute sets, and possibly work up to doing several 10 minute sets per day. Some people post that they do 20, 30, or 40 minute sets. I don’t know how they can do it.

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