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Joel Kaplan Pumps


I agree… putting your trust in mechanical regulators, and electronic pump with parts that can fail is not a good idea. They may have emergence parts also that will release the pressure if something goes wrong, but I would much rather put my trust in the hand pump I have that stops applying pressure when I stop squeezing.


A manual screw type valve will not allow much pressure increase with out a lengthly warning (if at all), and most likely in case of failure, pressure would likely decrease.
In my way of thinking you guys sound confusing to me. I might very well be mistaken, but it sounds like splitting hairs.

It seems imo there are more parts that are “prone” to breakage in a manual pump(especially a plastic model) in reference to expense than exists in the electric version.

I guess i’ll go forum jumping and get the real gist of it all.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Then my question is why you are not using one? probable for the same reason, and also the expense! Really to me to spend that much extra to get the same results with a manual pump…. well them are the folks that are confused!

LoL look at this link…

Only $600 bucks to get the same resualts that I get with my $139 manual pump!


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I wasn’t replying in reference to pricings. I was speaking to unsafe, unregulating type issues.

I understand pricings, everyone has their personal tastes and reasons for spending a lot or a little; my $29 mighty-vac is just as operational and results oriented as your $139 pump.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Yes… I understand. The reason I went with the $139 pump was because of the same thoughts you had earlier

<It seems imo there are more parts that are “prone” to breakage in a manual pump(especially a plastic model)

I spent a little more for an all brass pump from L.A. pumps.


Hey MrED

I like your style. DO you believe that pumping gives lasting gains?

Hey mistered,

His 139.00 outfit probably came with the exact pump that you have. A metal Mity-Vac, unless he opted for the brass bilge pump that is a two handed affair. I have both types and much prefer the trigger one.

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I’m uncertain if you are serious or ingratiating. :) But just in case i’ll bite and create a

I believe that if a person figures out how to pump for his own individual self aa well as executes the proper techniques to cement his gains , then yes!, pumping is capable of producing permanent gains.

The same can go for manual exercises. And those who may be gainers and say they can’t may simply be missing the mark somehow, although some apparently are no gainers.
Yet i completely fail to understand why some can’t gain in girth, which is the easier of the two main ways to gain.

[Successful pumping is determined by the practitioner and not the inanimate object].

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Hey ThunderSS...

My preference is the trigger one also.
Someone who would pay $600 for a plug into the wall pump is thinking they get a better deal with the money they seem to have excess of.
Ralph Nader (in his instructions of what to specifically look for) makes a strong point that to buy a cheaper vcr will give you a longer lasting unit. anual trigger is the only way to go in my opinion and i hope readers of this thread understand i have only been addressing what i percieve as misdirected info, is all.

H :) ppy PE’ing and Be Well (endowed).

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


Would it be better to just buy a MityVac if that happens? What is the cost for that pump $30? And if it will last longer I would do that before rebuilding this one so it can go out again.


I word of warning regarding kaplans electric pumps he advertises the Mega vac, the strongest one as being quite running , this is a complete LIE, it may be quiet running to you if you have no hearing what so ever but then again you would still feel the vibrations. Its an industrial pump resold by his company. I recommend ctc electric pumps or vacutech, also pump toys say they are about to bring out a new pump. So if you don’t want your neighbour hood knowing you’ve got an electirc pump let alone people you live with don’t buy one.

He does a less powerfull electric pump but I have no experience of that one. Some people put them in closets to mak the noise but Iknow it would still be too loud to use discreetly or with out it bothering me noise wise.


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