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Joel Kaplan Pumps


Joel Kaplan Pumps

What do you guys think of his pumps? Overpriced or designed just right? I mean not a 15.00 porn clearence at the porn shop, liuke most of us see advertised. How do i know what is good without getting shitted on or ripped-offed?!?

Electric vs . Manual (hand squeeze pumping)?

Kaplan’s pumps are quality, but I don’t like them that much and they are overpriced. Kaplan’s pumps narrow slightly toward the end of the tube (not the end you stick your dick in). This is not ideal to getting a nice even fat shape.

The novelty/porn store pumps are fine to start with, but they tend to break down after awhile.

I have ordered pumps/tubes fro Boston Pump works and from the guy who runs The monsternuts tubes are cheaper and work great. Plus he will make it in any size you want. I suggest getting the brass hand pump. They work forever and withstand any water, heat, cold, etc. Never used an electric model, but I prefer the mobility of the manual way.

Whatever you do, go slow, not too much pressure at first, and take a break every 20-30 minutes. If you over do it, you can get a rather painful water blisters on tyour dick head. OUCH!

Consider also the “deluxe” model from LA Pump. Mine (brass with gauge) cost $149. delivered. And you can order cylinders to your size. Solid piece of manufacturing and responsive owner via email, or whatever.

Have never tried an electric one. I just don’t think I can go there because I get nervous changing a light bulb.



Electric pumps

I would highly suggest against one for safety reasons and electric means ” more stuff that can break”. I have a battery operated pump that is complete junk , never buy 1. I did infact modify it and it is now useable. I drilled a hole in it and epoxied a long tube in which to suck the air out using lung power. Works great now. Overall , get one with a gauge , I wish I had one so I could measure the psi that I’m using… Ill get one someday.

Re: Electric pumps

Originally posted by SlimJim
I would highly suggest against one for safety reasons and electric means ” more stuff that can break”. .

Piffle! My CTC1000 has done fine for over 10 years.



10 years? WOW!

You are definately a senior pumper. Have you had a routine and noticed permanent gains? If so, I’d like to hear your input.

BTW. I was merely pointing out the theory that (more bells and whistles=more shit that can break). I’m glad that you found yourself a high quality electric pump and got so many years of use out of it. That battery operated one that i bought was broken straight out of the box.. needless to say, I was pissed.

Slim —

I did that once, a total piece of shit, never worked not once. A quality pump on the net is available from LA pump works, Boston pump works or SF pumpworks to name a few.

The most common sizes are 1.5”, 2.0” or 2.5” diameter,if you can afford it, purchase the trigger pumper and a good vacuum gauge to go with it.

Tex —

I’m also interested in your electric pump, make model performance spec’s etc. The only electric pumps I’ve or used didn’t generate a regulated vacuum adequate to enlarge.

Just to be fair.

Vacutech, NorthwestPumpWorks and Monsternuts also sell good quality products. I am not sure, but they all may be getting their tubes from one manufacturer. I know MityVac makes most of the trigger type pumps.

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the best way to pump is getting a tube a half inch larger than your true girth then going up in 1/2 inch increments or youll get a funny looking penis filled with lymth fluid that dissapears in a few hrs!


Yes I use a kaplan and like it. I never had any problems with it. I had another brand (can’t remember) but it eventually developed a leak and I had to replace it. I also think the hand pump is fine and would not spend the money on an electric pump.


I gave up a long time ago. It was a waste of money. It was very difficult to get a good seal. Then when I did I could only pump lightly or it would slide down the shaft. Additionally the upper shaft became indented from the cylinder digging in. Maybe someday I will try again but I did not like it.

No I don’t see how you could possible hang with it. Even if you made modifications to attach weight the pain from pumping enough to hang would be unbearable.


By the way, the previous pump I had was the “Falcon.” It srung a leak and I called them. They said if I sent a money order for 25.00 they would replace it. I did that and never heard from them. I called and they ignored me. So I don’t recommend that brand.


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