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Joel Kaplan Pumps


Ya, its just a matter of where your girth is. I started with the 2” tube and still have room. I’m not pumping to make a monster member, but pumping to help in cementing gains from my pe efforts. As I aproach the 7” mark I will have to go to the next size up and that will be the 2.25” tube.



I understand where you’re coming from.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


just a question regarding that chart….who the fuck is going to order the 8” tube for a girth of 25.25” dick.

I think only the first 4-5 measurements on that chart will be ever used.


MasterE (or what ever his name is) and his followers of course.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

But which head are they using it on??

Did you guys ever see the post by the guy that used one of the Monster tubes to excess and could not get out of it? Ended up taking a screwdriver and a hammer to the thing in a panic. Shrapnel wounds??

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LOL, have you seen some of those crazy dudes that pump with them tubes! Man they can’t use them anymore for sex, cause there is no woman (that is sane) will have them.


Are you assuming they are into women??? (no offense; just humorously interacting)

I think i’ll quit while i’m still ahead. :D

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

thanks for the help modemmer!

just a thought i wounder what would happen if you jelqed right after pumping only for like 10 min. you think that may help cemenent gains. seems to me if you pumped your self up to lets say 6 in. in girth stoped pumping and started jelqing and you made a 1/4 in gain seems like that would make the gains yours for life.


which tube length would bring me better gains the 9 or the 8 seeing as i am just under 6



I would go with the 9” its at least 3” longer. I don’t think there is a difference with the length of the tube that will show in results. Thats just for expansion and future gains.


where can i find those monster tubes at?


Try linking from this site:

WARNING: this site is for 18 year olds and up ONLY. It also displays nudity in such a fashion that may be offensive to many.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Re: Electric pumps

Originally posted by SlimJim
I would highly suggest against one for safety reasons and electric means ” more stuff that can break”. I have a battery operated pump that is complete junk , never buy 1. I did infact modify it and it is now useable. I drilled a hole in it and epoxied a long tube in which to suck the air out using lung power. Works great now. Overall , get one with a gauge , I wish I had one so I could measure the psi that I'm using… Ill get one someday.

Hi Guys !
Electric pump ? I don’t think so !
I know I’m new at this……..BUT…………….

Avocet8 - in his excellent 101 pumping treatise, plus others of you giving me, and all of us good advice, my feeling is this:

I saw a video (American) last week, dealing there with problems of diabetics (like me!) not always being able to get it up, on request. (That’s a penalty for getting diabetes, so if you have any say in it - don’t bother getting diabetes ! ) Sometimes I’m OK, but never as good as I was 40 years ago ! So that’s why I’m pumping OK ?
In the video, it showed a nice guy getting it on, and showed his cock inside the tube (much the same as our type), and when he switched on the pump, his cock went INSTANTLY up to the end of the tube - Zap ! Wonderful ! But perhaps it was trick photography ?

Seems to me, that all of you have been telling me to take it slow at first. Now that guy definitely was not slow. Like Avocet9 said, the blood does not just go Zap into our cocks, it takes a while, even when you’re 16 ! That blood has to get there somehow. As we get older (like me!), clearly the vascular structures involved with arousal and erection, get a bit narrower, so it stands to reason that you need more time and not to force an erection too fast.

I guess these electric pumps give a good pull, but my guess is that you don’t have much (or any) control over what’s going on. If I read you right, CONTROL is what it’s all about ?

When I use my cheapo plastic trigger pump, I have to wait until my dick is sucked into the tube (it feels nice !) so that my foreskin is not too stretched at first. (Please see my other post on Foreskins) When it sticks to the side of the tube, it pulls it out until it hurts. BUT, I then let off the pressure, and when my foreskin has re-covered my glans, I resume the pumping in stages, until my foreskin is fully retracted, and my gland is resting on all sides of the tube; then. and only then, can I apply the full pressure and hold it. I have limited this pressure vacuum to 3 to 4 inches of Hg by the way, thanks to you guys).
With the all electric model, which I’ve never even seen, (except in the video), you would not be able to get any control of this sort; neither presumably would you be able to do my jelq routine while still in the tube ?

Any other views ???


I have always used the hand pump (manual trigger squeeze) and am not familiar with tte electric ones.
I have understood though from expert pumpers that the electric pumps they used could be regulated with regulating valves (and more-so than a manual pump) as well as used in such a way as to maintain a more equal and steady pressure (avoiding pitfalls of yo-yo pressures) which produced somewhat of a speedier (not fast) result.

Is there any chance the negativity that pertains to electric pumps is based on misinformation and ignorance as well as purely personal preferences, instead of fact?

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.

Electric pumps

Hi Mistered

Yes! I’m sure you are right.
Cerainly in my case, I have no experience whatsoever. That’s why I put the questions in my post. I was so amazed to see the video with the fast erection from zilch, that it set me wondering.

In stating my own ignorance, I hope to generate some experienced replies to all the points I raised, so that we can all learn more.

Presently, I’m happy with the trigger pump for starters, because I feel I’m in control. Like Avocet8 states: I’m not looking for any nasty accidents !




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