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Joel Kaplan Pumps


I had a Falcon cylinder once and it began leaking at the head-end at the connector that screws into the tube.
I unscrewed it and applied pvc glue and worked fine.

Also my mighty-vac pump went bad and i discovered Harbor Freight sold them for only $29 with gauge and all.
I’m probably the one that may have originally put that info about Harbor Freight out into cyber space a year and half/two years ago.
Mighty-vac pump is used for brake bleeding.

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Kaplain Pumps, etc

This is one area that I have had many years of experience. Currently I am revisiting the process with the Kaplain pump as I like the vibrational characteristice that would optomize circulation while you are pumping. (Have not tried any other electric pumps). I have found after many years and experimentation that less is best so far, that is 30 min every other day at vacuums < 4.5-5 mm Hg. Anything more, historically has been counterproductive, I would usually loose tone and mass with over pumping. I did get mostly circumference gains with pumping.


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To Hugeness-I did get a water blister

I just got a water blister on the end of my dick. It hurt like hell and is taking a while to heal up. I got it from overpumping and/or not enough lubricant on my dick to start. What is the best way to heal it up fast. My wife says that I should leave it open to air when I sleep, but obviously I have to cover it while at work. Know of the best ointments or treatments?? I need a new pump, because mine has no gauge on it so I just keep pumping and pumping (this time I pumped for 35min. straight)

I was told that if I put loads of Lanolin and/or Petroleum jelly on my dick before pumping that I will avoid blisters. What do you think of that?


You probably got your blister from applying too much pressure for too long a time following max-out and/or the tube is too small. I think both apply usually.
If a person wants to keep pumping following maxing out, he should go to the next stage (next cylinder size up), thus multi stage pumping.

Depending on the depth and size of your blister, it most likely could linger on for quite a spell (2 to 6 months is possible).
Do not pump until it is “well beyond” healed. By “well beyond”, i am saying that although on the outer surface the area may look healed it most likely isn’t on the inside where you can’t see.
Pumping before it is completely healed will only aggravate that area and further prolong the healing time.

What ever you choose to apply to your wound, try to keep a balance (allowing it to also have fresh air to breath).

Mild and easy forms of manual pe for the mean time will help since blood has healing agents in it.

You will just have to live with it for a while and that will serve as a reminder/lesson well learned through the most effective teaching tool, Experience.

As long as you let it heal and not allow infection to come into being, your blister is no worse than any other blister. You may experience a reddish mark that looks as if it is never going to disappear, but it will in it’s due time.

Good luck & keep us informed my friend.
EDIT: Go to any Harbor Freight store (on the street or online) and buy a Mity-Vac hand pump with gauge and quick release trigger for only $29. ALSO: Consider this as one downside to tubes that taper at the head-end as compared to the UNflared straight walled tubes.

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all of you who have been pumping along time have you developed the donut head of skin around the head of your penis cause i would buy a pump if i new for sure that i would not get that.



The donut effect is only a temp side effect that will usually disappear after pumping for a while, unless you work at it to keep it there.

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2-6 months are you serious??

O.K. Please don’t tell me that this will take 2-6mos. to heal up. It is 1 cm X 1cm. So it is not that big. The pharmacist at Walgreens said that it could last up to 2 weeks. 2-6 mos. sounds awfully long, dude. What about sex? Should I wait until it is healed before having sex? What if I use 2 condoms for protection? I am on my 5th day and I would say that it is 25% healed now. So, with my math it should last 20 days max.


Yes, i am serious & my name is Mistered.

If you re-read my response to your call, i said

>[Depending] on the [depth] and [size]….2 to 6 months is [possible]<

Had you given more info my response would have been more tailored to your specific situation istead of the generic that i gave.

Pumping has more room for error than manual pe overall.
The subject matter of your call is important for all concerned; i felt it appropiate to word my response as i did so i could speak to all readers including yourself.
Any type of injury whether minor or major is worth covering without glossing over it. My response has info in it that can be for any and all and it took time to author. It should also serve as a warning/wake up call so others that follow you may avoid the mishap you have experienced.
It is best to take what is yours and simply leave the rest for others.

As far as sex and such, you be the judge. You know more about how it feels and what your personal limits may be.

In conclusion: Never, never pump without a guage. Although a blister can come even at low pressure, your situation probably would have been avoided had you had a gauge to monitor.

I hope you are up and running in your calculated healing time and happy pe’ing Tbigur.

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ok guys need some help here on buying my pump the vacutech hand pump looks good to me think its like $140 not to bad.

feel free to coment on that pump if you have used it also would like some help on cylinder size one of you said .5 larger girth than you already have and my girth is a little over 4.5 so what would i need for that. any of you have any routine tips for some who pumps hangs and jelqs all in 1 day i was thinking pump in the morning than hang in the afternoon then jelq before i get in the shower at night 3 on 1 off. now all i need to now is how long to pump for sets etc.


Thanks for your help

Thanks for your help. My doctor said that once a blister is open, it is to be treated like a 2nd degree burn. He is prescribing bactroband (an antibiotic ointment) and he did say that there is nothing that he can prescribe that would increase the healing time. He did say that I can apply aloe vera gel to promote healing. Thanks for your help. Given the 1cm X 1 cm size (not deep). how long do you think it will take to heal? Have you ever personally developed a blister from pumping?



I have a pump from L.A. Pumps and its just great. It cost me $139 and been using it for 2 months now. Here is a link…

Get the Deluxe Package, and a tube size of 1-1/2” will be just right for ya! Also get it about 3 to 4” longer than your current length.



What I did was start at 2 sets at 2-3 HG for 5 minutes. It don’t sound like much but really it is. I slowly worked up to where I am right now… 6 sets at 5 minutes with 5-6 HG.



The 1and1/2”tube you recommended, is there still enough room for expansion?

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Yes, this would be the best starting size for a girth of 4.5”. Anything lager may allow for distortion and/or irregular pumping results. Here is a site that helps with sizing…

That will take him to at least 5.5” in girth.



Yea, you may be right.

I always assumed those kind of charts from the sellers where designed to sell you two tubes in succession instead of just one (such as use the smaller size for a “short” time prior to needing a larger one.
The reason i thought that was because if i was to go by that chart, it wouldn’t necessarily work for me.

H :) ppy PE’ing and be well.

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


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