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Pumping and Jelqing Routine Working Great!

Pumping and Jelqing Routine Working Great!

I started PE last January stretching and jelqing and got quick results in a short period of time 3/4” x 1/4” in about two-three months. I then injured myself while simultaneously getting varicocele in testicles and had to stop for months (urologist/ultrasounds/etc..). I lost 1/2” length gains and all my girth gains over that time.

My OLD routine (before the injury) was as follows over 5 days a week:

15 minutes of intense stretching (putting every ounce of muscle into it)
425-450 wet jelqs
*hot wrap before and after each

Once I finally resumed the PE, stretching kept reaggravating my injury. Jelqing would reaggravate it if I did three consequtive days. I kept having to take 1 week breaks to reheal.

I then ordered a pump. I started pumping and jelqing, switching every other day. I stopped stretching entirely. I don’t do as many jelqs as I did before injury and I’m going slow with the pumping.

My NEW routine is as follows 7 days a week:

even days: 320 wet jelqs
odd days: pumping with pressure between -2.5 to -5 for two sets of 5-7 minutes
*hot wrap before and after each

Between a 2-3 week period my gains (from pre-PE) are between 3/4”-1” length x 1/4” girth. In that short period of time I regained my lost 1/2” and have nearly put on another 1/4” in length as well as regaining all my lost girth gains (1/4”)!

I have had NO injury reaggravations. I’m just thrilled with this new routine. It is very lightweight compared to my intense PE regiment when I first started stretching/jelqing and the gains seem to be coming faster.

I had no idea that pumping could actually increase length so quickly. I figured I was having to give up entirely on length exercises due to my injuries, but have been pleasantly surprised by this pumping/jelqing routine.

Thanks slackJawed. I just meant I rotate every other day, so for a 7 day week I’d spend days 2, 4, 6 jelqing and days 1, 3, 5, 7 pumping.

24 hours, that sounds like a pretty good routine.I have a pump,but it’s not a very good one,so I use it only to keep blood in my wanker while jelquing.By that I mean,when my hands get tired,I put the pump on and just hold it until I’m ready to go again.I’ve been thinking of getting a better pump,and your routine sounds like it might be just what I’m after.

That alternate days of pumping/jelking routine should work. If it doesn’t aggravate your testicle, you could also do pumping, jelking, pumping, jelking in the same session, with short pump sets. Keep us posted on how the gains go?



I seem to have done something wrong, as my profile and avatar are no where to be found. I’ll figure it out. In any case, nice work 24 hours. I’m glad to see a Pumper not concerned with the repeat question. I P.E. Five days on and 2 days off. I usually use a manual clamp, most likely renamed somewhere in this site followed by a ten minute pump. I have a CE Enlarger Hand-Pump, so I’ve never really been able to judge the pressure. I am, however, able to pack in this pump, so I see no real reason to order another. I jelq between the first pump and the second fifteen minute pump. I kegel while I pump. I jelq primarily for vascular effects. I believe more in penile health than P.E. My question, however, was whether or not you take measurements on your jelqing days to compare against your pumping days. I’ve been a practitioner of P.E. For almost seven years and always see the best results with dual methods. For me these methods must be done on the same day. I know my penis well, and my current pump/jelq combination is the only workout that I can use right now. In six months I’ll change it again to focus on length. If you do take measurements, however, could you post them: before pumping, preceding-jelq, pumped, out of pump, post-jelq, and rest days? Thanks.

Glad to here about your success with the new routine.

I’ve been away from consistent PE for months, and my new start-up routine will look something like yours, 24.

Hey 24,

Would you please explain what in your opinion was the cause of your injury (varicocele, I mean)?

Starting Stats (February, 2006): 6” NBPEL, 5” EG Mid-Shaft; Current: 6 ⅝” NBPEL, 5 ½” EG Mid-Shaft; Goal: 8x6” NBP.

Hey thanks ThunderSS. That really helped. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that. Does anyone else see a great over diagnosis of varicocele with regards to P.E. It is more likely due to the very act of P.E., but no one mentions petechia, dorsal vein blockage, et cetera despite the common occurrence of such especially when pumping.

Excuse me, but the pumping can cause varicocele? I have already had surgery for varicocele.

In your opinion, the pumping can make you return the varicocele?

Starting sept 2012: BPEL 15.5 cm - NBPEL 13.5 - EG 13,0 cm

Today: BPEL 18.5 cm - NBPEL 15.3 cm - EG 14.0 cm

Goal: BPEL 19 cm - NBPEL 17.0 cm - EG 16 cm

No days off 24 ? , yowza !! , you must be a young guy.

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