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Newbie Intro and a question.

Newbie Intro and a question.

Hey Everyone,

Just figured I’d speak up to let everyone know I am here and give a little information on myself. I am 31 years old, very athletically active, and extremly lacking in the “manland” area. Beleive it or not I stumbled upon Thunder’s after getting my wife involved with NBE. I figured if women have figured out a way to naturally enlarge their breasts, then SOMEWHERE SOMEONE must have figured out a way to enlarge their penis. But never did I beleive I would find a site with SO MANY who have done just that. I have been a member since last month, and have not stopped reading. I tend to be more of a lurker than anything. My theory is, the less you say the more you learn, for you cannot listen when you are speaking. Plus, 99% of my questions have been answered by reading the vast library of information located on this site. It is truely amazing. And I am too new to answer too many questions, so my post count will be low for a while.

Like I said before, this is an amazing site. Very professional and well maintained. Props to the moderators here, and to Thunder for organizing and maintaining such a classy site. My dad always told me you only get out of something what you put into it. I hope I can be a helpful member of this site as time goes on, and I truely hope that my understanding and knowledge will be helped. (It has been already).

Alrighty, now for my question. When I first started I had so many, but reading has answered 99% of my initial questions (I am sure I will develop more as time goes by). But I do have two questions I have not seen answered yet. First, Is it ok to spread out the newbie routine over the course of the day, or should it be done all at once? Second, and this one may be kind of stupid, but can you kegle too much??

Well, hope someone can help me out with those little tid bits, and again, thanks too all who have spent their time and effort to make this place such a success and benefit to others.

PS - I don’t have my measurements yett. I’ll post those before I start anything.


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I think it’s best to get your session done all in one sitting. The technique is based on stretching and then recovery. Especially is you pick a routine that is 6 days on and 1 off, you want one concentrated, but moderate session and the rest recovery time. If you spread your session out, your recovery time is restricted.

Some people think you can over do kegels, but I don’t think so, at least say up to a thousand a day or so. I don’t do that many. Probably a couple hundred a day. It is not like a weight lifting exercise where you break down muscle tissue and then let it regenerate. It is an isometric type exercise.

Personally I break my routine up:

10 minutes of manual stretching in the morning
30 minutes of jelqing in the afternoon

I find that stretching causes the skin around the glans to become sore so it hurts to do jelqing directly after. Likewise, jelqing makes my head sensitive and hard to do stretches so I can’t do stretches after I jelq.

Some people break their routine into days: Monday - stretch/hanging day, Tuesday - girth exercises, wed - stretches, etc. From what I’ve seen and read, people doing this sort of routine are making credible gains too.

As for kegeling too much, it may be possible but I think you’d have to do a crap load of them to injure yourself.

Good luck on gains!

Then: 6.5" x 5"

Now: 8.75" x 6.125"

Thanks gprent! Wow, quick response. I was sort of leaning in that direction on the routine timing. I just wanted to make sure I was headed in the right direction.

As far as the kegels go, I would compare a kegel exercise to abdomine workouts. Your not really building the muscle (although you CAN do exercises that will) most people just want to strengthen or tone them. And you really can’t overwork you stomach muscles. You can strain your stomach muscles by working them improperly or damage them with an injury (so I think not overdoing the kegeling while stretching would be wise), but I don’t hink you can overwork them if you are doing the exercise the way you should. THANKS AGAIN!


Thanks to you Darkhorse. Yeah, I’ll keep that i mind. For me it was more of a time restraint issue, but I didn’t want to sacrifice gains. I want to do this without my wife knowing for a little while to see if she responds or comments. Sitting in the can for 40 minutes to an hour might tip her off that something is up (we have a small townhouse, so it’s hard to just “disappear” for any extended period of time). But, again, I don’t want to sacrifice gains. So if I have to (for gains sake) I will wake up really early or go to bed later untill I am ready to tell her or she notices herself.


Well I’m still quite of a newbie as well, but as I figure it from common sense, spreading the same routine over the day will a) not have the same effect that the same routine done in one exercise has and b) it will help in _not_ getting your penis sore (which is prolly due to overworking it and maybe even because it’s not accustomed to the types of pressures created by PE yet).
About the kegeling:
I really dunno.. Unless you’re overdoing your Kegel to an extent where it’s hard to stop the urine from flowing it’s ok IMO.

But then, on some other (commercial ad) website someone (I think he calls himself Dr. Lin) said that too much kegeling will increase the hormone that is responsible for promoting ejaculation so it may not be a good idea to do so when having sex ;-)

Maybe anyone else can fill in here ?

I’m feeling that this Dr. Lin person seems to be right at least about the kegel usage during sex, making triggering ejaculation more easily than eg. using what he named the “tailbone” (the one you’re using to pressing on your bladder, thus forcing urine out of the penis into the toilet ;-)).

Oh and about the sore skin when doing manual stretching:
This just indicates (as nearly always) that you are doing it wrong.
Don’t put much pressure in the grip.. Eg. I’m using a reverse ok grip right _below_ the head, grab it until I get a good hold on it and then pull in whatever direction I feel is appropriate (gently!).



As a newbie, there is no way your routine should be lasting 40 minutes. You should be able to get it all done in about 20 minutes, at least for the first week or two. Take it easy at first and slowly build up your conditioning level.

Originally Posted by ynarevith73
For me it was more of a time restraint issue, but I didn’t want to sacrifice gains. I want to do this without my wife knowing for a little while to see if she responds or comments. Sitting in the can for 40 minutes to an hour might tip her off that something is up (we have a small townhouse, so it’s hard to just “disappear” for any extended period of time).

I know that I am new also, but one thing that I have learned about hiding it is to lock the bathroom door. Run the water on cold like you are taking a shower. This way you don’t run out of hot water. If you can finish your exercise in say 30 min., then turn the water to hot, jump in the shower, and clean yourself off. This way she has no idea what you are doing and she thinks that you just took a long shower. Personally I take very long showers, so it’s easy for me to pull it off, thus far. Or, is there any times where she goes to the grocery store or out wih friends? This may be the opportune time to get PE in if you know that she will be gone for a while. But again, I am a newbie also, so I don’t have the experience to give any advice ;)

Didn’t you say that she was interested in BE? If so, she shouldn’t (I’m assuming) have a problem with you wanting to do PE. I could be wrong though.

Best of luck to you!

Yeah, you’re right gprent. Thanks for slowing me down….lol. Being over zealous as a newbie is very easy to do, but very dangerous. 20 minutes isn’t too bad, and if I use artist’s suggestions, I could just do it in the shower really. Hopefully my body reacts well to PEing in the morning because that is when I take my showers.

I know she won’t have a problem with it, artist. I just wanted to she if she noticed a difference without knowing about it first. I think that is hte best way to get an objective and honest opinion on whether or not it is working. Thanks for the advice.


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