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newbie intro and questions

newbie intro and questions

Hi all,

My name is Scott. I’ve been browsing this site for a few days now and am pretty much convinced that PE can work for me. I only measure about 5.5x4.5. (haven’t done a true measurement yet) I would ideally like to reach 7x5.5. Is this a realistic goal? It sounds like girth is a tricky thing to achieve. Will hanging have any effects on girth, either positive or negative? Any suggestions would be welcomed. Also, is there a way to increase testicle size and ejaculation? Should I let my wife in on what I’m doing? I know.. lots of questions…bear with me.


Hi Scott, welcome to this forum!

Take a look at the “Size’s PE Data Site” - you will find the link at the bottom of each page.
Many have logged their progresses in that database. Maybe you find a similar starting size and see their gains.
But that doesn’t mean, you WILL gain that much, too. Maybe more, maybe less, slower or faster.

I am still to new to PE and this forum to tell you from my success stories, but one thing is sure:
PE works. I only worked on length now, not on girth (I also read, girth is harder to increase) and gained a little bit.
You should also start with length exercises, because the thicker your “friend” gets, the harder it is, to
achieve length. Well, that’s what I’ve read and it sounds logically.

Many wrote that hanging/Stretching increases the girth at the base (near your body) of your penis.
I have the same feeling, but since I didn’t measured that, I can’t say for sure.
Though I read many threads, I haven’t heard that hanging decreased girth.

If you will let your wife now about PE? That’s your thing. There has been a thread lately about that.
Use the search function at the top right of each page to search for things/topics you want to know.

I hope to have helped you a little bit. Greetings and happy gaining,


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Welcome Scott!!!!

Read through these forums to find out what you can do for a good routine. I’ve taken a lot of great info from these pages and I have found what works for me, I’m sure you’ll do the same. I started with about the same erect length and erect girth and I have been really surprised by the results.

I’m really happy with the results so far, realistically I think I can be 7.5 x 6. I know that women have noticed a difference too, that’s always a great ego boost. Keep at it consistently, and I know you’ll see results.

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......

Originally Posted by Scottso
Should I let my wife in on what I’m doing?

If you don’t mind the idea of all her friends knowing too then do it ;)

I’m not married so I can’t offer a sensible answer to that question but from what I know of women I bet (1) she’ll tell all her female friends (2) turn it all around into a guilt trip as though you’re implying that sex with her is bad and that it’s all her fault.

I’d keep it to yourself at least for the time being -imagine the buzz you’ll get later down the line when she starts to notice that sex with you feels different to what it used to ;)

Goodluck & happy gaining :D

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Goal: 7.5 x 6

Heya Scott,

Nice to meet you. Best of luck with your gains, and I’m sure you’ll find a routine that’s just right for you after enough reading and experimentation. I have no idea what to do about your wife though. Maybe PE on the sly and see how she digs it when you start to make gains?


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