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How much suction from a "toy" pump?

How much suction from a "toy" pump?

I have one of the inexpensive pumps that uses a bulb and has no gauge on it. I got it several years ago and it was what first got me interested in PE. I used it a few times and then lost interest in it, but it did get me more interested in PE, which lead me to finding Thunder’s and PEForum as well as some other PE related info on the web. So even though I’m doing other things for PE now, in a sense you might say that the cheap pump might ultimately be responsible for whatever gains I end up with in PE since it was what sparked my interest.

I now know that these pumps are not well suited for PE. I do not intend to use the pump for PE, but I am curious about one aspect of the pump. How much vacuum (in Hg”) can one of these type pumps pull? Have any of you ever hooked a vacuum gauge to one of these pumps, or have you ever pumped in one of these enough to “eyeball” the pressure? I realize that it probably varies somewhat from model to model.

I’ve never put a guage on one, but I can tell you that you can definitely hurt yourself with one. I know, I did. Put the thing away in the closet and bought a quality pump with guage. The bulb type pump can pump at a very high pressure and can do permanent damage if you were to pump at too high of a pressure.


I have just spent the last half hour testing

Mity-vac with gauge maximin vac 25 hg
my mouth sucking max vac 21 hg
bulb type max vac 9 hg

The bulb type has no brand name and is a few years old
I think when new it would give a higher vac reading

Missing information

25 _____ Hg
21 _____ Hg
09 _____ Hg

Inches or centimeters?

Gentlemen, when you give numbers for the amount of vacuum you’re applying to your pud, please give the complete value: inches or centimeters of mercury (Hg). Thank you.

Thanks everyone.

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