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gains using heat

gains using heat

i want to know how well this would work. i am mainly am a pumper, and i want to use a heating pad around the cylinder. what kind of gains will i get over traditional cold pumping? i am 7 inches at cold inside the tube.

Hey skippy,

You ought to post pumping questions in the pumpers forum and you will probably hear something about not using capital letters. All that is in the forum guidelines.

Anyway, I am a pumper and have been using a heating pad for a month. For me, I have mainly noticed that the heat causes faster expansion girth wise, though I think that heat will make any lig stretch more permanent.

What kind of pad are you using to wrap around your cylinder? The only heating pads I’ve ever seen were rather large; they looked like something that would be a royal pain in the backside to try to wrap around cock cylinder.

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Awesome looking heating pad at I just ordered one becuase someone recommended it. Ill let you all know how it works out.

Go to Wal-Marche’ and get a Sunbeam for $14.95. Four settings and just large enough to wrap around your tube.

Skippy, please learn to parse your sentences, in a proper fashion, and capitalize your pronouns. We’re fanatics about that and believe in proper English.

Glad you’re here!

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Welcome skippy

Using heat:

I have been a bodybuilder for around 13 years. Heat is the greatest healer. I find that my workout is much better when my body is warm and sweating pretty good.

PE workouts will also benefit. Heat will help with blood flow which in turns generates a faster healing process. I use heat 10 minutes before, during each set and 10 minutes after. Results are great. I only pumped once cold and did not like it. You can always remove the heat if you get too hot but nothing can be done if your are too cold and have no heat source. Use heat and use it often.

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