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Aderm gains!


Aderm gains!

Just ended my 3 week Aderm cycle. Total gains 3/16”.

Starting length 6 9/16” - (a touch over 6 1/2”)

Some observations and notes:

Day 1-21, better nocturnal erections.

End of Week 1 - no gains. Depressed. Thought about getting Androgel. Began applying (Aderm) 3x/day.

End of Week 2 - possible gains (1/16”) - but what the hell maybe my fat pad was thinner, or my arm was stronger, hehe.

End of Week 3 - (week 3 actually ended Friday, but for logistical reasons, I couldn’t measure until now (Sunday eve). ELBP exactly 6 3/4” (3/16” gain)

I took unofficial measurements on days 8, 9 and 10 and hadn’t seen gains as of day 10. Then I “hid” my ruler in an inconvenient location, vowing not to remeasure until then end of each week. So it’s possible all the gains came during the last 11 days or so. I PM’d Jones and he said he had a similar growth pattern (although more significant gains).

Somewhere in the middle of this cycle after reading all the threads about absorption and different vehicles for same, I began my applications by soaking in a hot tub for 5-10 minutes and letting the Aderm sit in the tub as well to heat up. After drying off, I would shake the Aderm to mix all the stuff and apply to a dry dick, half a squirt, then stroking till erect, adding 3 more 1/2 squirts over a 5+- minute period. Whether that helped or not is debatable, but that’s when the gains started.

I’m going to stay off cycle until 9/1. My PE’ing during that time will consist of intense PJ’ing every other day and 30 minutes of low pressure pumping daily.

For the record, I stopped all PE’ing a week prior to the cycle.

Anybody else have results or insights?

Thanks - Fe

A few Questions

So this is in response to your self-experimentation with chemicals? How much did this stuff run you? Any noticable side-effects. More moody or easily upset?

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

What exactly is Aderm? I don’t believe I have heard of it.

Were you PEing prior to trying this? Any gains during that time?

Thanks TT, I’ll check out these threads.

How did you come up with these so quick?

Answers -

Aderm is one of the transdermals mentioned by Jones. See links above.

No noted adverse side effects.

My Pe history in a capsule - started 4/11/02 at ELBP 5.5”
After 1 year 6.5”. So as you can see I sort of plateaued after the 1 yr mark.

Most gains were made jelqing. I also went through a couple of 3 month stretches w/the Bib starter (2 hrs daily hang time - up to 15 lbs) with minimal gains.

BTW - I didn’t (couldn’t) follow Jones advise r.e. abstinence.

I still have some lingering doubts, but if there are gains after the second cycle…..

Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

Were you using 1-AD or 4-AD?


6 9/16 is 1/16 greater than 6 1/2. I dont understand!

Wanna 7.5 — I used 4-AD

Hogman - starting ELBP was 6 9/16 (a touch over 6 1/2)
the 3 week measurement was 6 3/4 (6 12/16) a gain of 3/16”

Like I said, my gains are less spectacular than others but as a slow gainer, I’m pleased and looking forward to the next cycle.

Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]


In his begining post he is saying He measured and he was about 6 9/16 and he’s saying that is just over 6 1/2.

I think he was just estimating his starting length NOT stating a gain. His gains are mentioned later. That’s how I read it.

EDIT: oh he responded before I could and now I can’t delete this only edit

So, you were stuck at 6.5” since about April of this year?

What PE had you done in the months before the experiment? Please describe exercises, duration, intensity, frequency, etc.

Did you PE during the experiment?

Have you taken other breaks from PE? If so, how long were they and did you gain after the rest?


Basically yes, I was stuck. I barely reached 6.5” by 4/11 and was 6 9/16” later that month. From approximately Feb-thru July I also used a Bib Starter, working my hang time up to 2 hours/day plus an extra set or two on weekends. My average hanging weight was probably 10 lbs, although after 4/11 I started moving up and did a few sets as high as 15lbs. I also mixed some low pressure pumping and jelquing in there, up to 60 a day. No stretching.

I did take a break from PE between late December and approximately mid- January. When I started up again it was purely jelquing for a few weeks before the hanging. I think most of my Jan to April gains (approx. 1/4”)were from jelquing, since I was hanging 7.5-10lbs and still building my number of sets up.

For what it’s worth I discontinued all PE about a week prior to and while using the Aderm. After spending about $90 for 2 bottles, I wanted to find out if the stuff worked. I doubt there was some residual growth from prior PE’ing that was waiting approximately 17-28 days to manifest itself, but I could be wrong. But to answer you directly, yes I’ve gained after breaks. I’ve never, however, gained during a break.

I have more than a bottle and a half left and think that my next cycle will be most telling. I am PJ’ing every other day and pumping daily between now and then. That will represent only about 5-6 PJ sessions, since I plan to start the next cycle approx. 9/1.

Sorry for the references to 4/11, it makes for awkward calculations, but that represents my starting date in 2002, the day I found Thunders and discovered hope.


Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

>>For what it’s worth I discontinued all PE about a week prior to and while using the Aderm.>>

So you think you got 3/16” with the aderm only?

Any others out there with definite gains on this treatment only and no PE?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I agree the second cycle will be more telling. You ruled out a couple of my guesses as to what may have caused a gain during your experiment, but I still have at least two remaining:

1) Harder erection, therefore a longer measurement. I suggest taking Viagra, if possible, before pre and post experiment measurements to help exclude this variable. In addition, track BPFSL to see if it changes.

2) Better or more frequent nocturnal erections. A super-erection isn’t all that different, though milder, than some of the PE techniques we use. Greatly improved night wood may have been the final push your dick needed to realize the gains that were almost there from regular PE.

Luvadus and Hobby,

Harder, better or more frequent nocturnal erections may have been caused by the Aderm, no? I guess it could also be from lack of PE activity. Is it coincidental that there was no improvement during my “no-PE-pre-Aderm-week off”?

Regarding measurement, even popping out of bed with good morning wood and measuring does not get me the same measurement I get when I stroke myself to the precipuce of orgasm and then apply the ruler. I’ve been pretty consistent regarding this measurement practice.

Luvadus - I would also like to hear from other members who are on an Aderm only “routine”.

I’m holding my breath and hoping the second cycle provides more evidence of the effectiveness of Aderm. Unfortunately it appears to be being pulled from shelves by the FDA as we ponder this issue. And no, I have no connection whatsoever with any entity that peddles this stuff.


Goal = 5" x 5" flaccid;]

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