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My measurements are 5.3” girth, but my diameter is 2”. I had purchased a 2.25” diameter tube, but it was just too large. The company then suggested a 1.75” diameter tube. Now this one feels kind of snug. I really hope I do not need to purchase a 2” diameter tube. Is it supposed to feel snug if I am aiming for length gains right now?

Assuming that the penis is a perfect circle (which it is not), my diameter should have been about 1.69”, but it is 2”. Anyone else notice this discrepancy?



You are right that the penis is not a perfect right circular cylinder. Diameter measurements are quite variable on the shaft, depending on where you are measuring (i.e. across the top, down the sides…). Measuring circumference is a more accurate indication of correct size.

Since your girth is 5.3 inches, you can still benefit from using your 1.75 inch cylinder. Just use a generous amount of lube when you are pumping to assure that your dick slides freely and without friction in the tube.
Work gradually towards “packing the tube” from the base of the shaft up to the glans. Your dick is pliable, and with a generous amount of lube, you’ll be able to enter and exit the tube without a problem. Once you are fully packing quickly and easily, you can move on to a larger size.

It’s easier to transition by 1/4 inch size cylinders, but since you have already purchased the 2.25 inch diameter cylinder, go ahead and transition to this when you are ready. I’m guessing, but is the concern that your balls are being sucked into the 2.25 inch tube the problem with the larger diameter? There are ways to work around this problem, if that is what you are experiencing.


Curious to the brand tubes you bought and if they have the flare that tapers in at the base or if it is staightwall?

Trying to make a purchasing decision for myself and just gathering more info.

Good Luck

Thanks for the responses.


Yes, the balls got sucked into the 2.25” tube. Also, because the tube is so wide I am fearful of uneven stretching of the penis. How would you prevent the balls from getting sucked in? Would you wrap the balls to keep them out of the tube?

Mr. Bulge,

I purchased the tube from
The cylinder has the flare that tapers in at the base.



You have two options with the 2.25 inch tube:
1) You could pump both your cock and balls in this tube, if you want to expand all of your genital parts. This would be a good diameter size to accomplish that task. Or
2) You can cinch or tie down your balls when pumping in the larger cylinder.

Presently, I begin my pump routine in a 2 inch tube for about 20 minutes getting a good “pack” and without cinching down my balls. Then I graduate to my 2.5 inch diameter tube. I don’t have a 2.25 inch tube. As a newbie pumper, I initially made the mistake of buying the larger 2.5 inch tube. Now the larger diameter suits my goals for further girth expansion. But now I have to cinch down my ballsac, in order to prevent my testicles from being sucked into the tube.

I use a simple cut out circular section of rubber bicycle tubing - maybe about 1.5 inch wide or so. I twist the tubing, turning it more into a thicker,rubber ringlike shape. I pull/stretch it out to make it more pliable and then place it around my ballsac, separating the base of my cock from my testicles. That’s it. I put lube on the shaft of my penis and inside the cylinder and begin to pump. Also, I get some beneficial stretching downward action on my ballsac from the outside base of the cylinder pressing against my rubber tubing ring as I pump. Of course, you can come up with your own ideas on tying down the ballsac.

Other than the possibility of extra fluid build up or the “donut” effect in the region between the circumcision scar and the glans, I wouldn’t worry about uneven stretching of the penis. If you are still concerned about one area on your dick expanding faster than another, you can always wrap those areas with non-sticking self-adhesive bandage tape, therabrand, etc. during pumping or after you’re done.

Good luck.


Thanks for the reply Peforeal.

Can you attribute any of your gains solely to pumping?


pumping gains


I’ve commented on previous posts to this question concerning the attribution of pumping to my gains. Again, in retrospect, I believe that my first 1 inch gain in length (2.25 inches total as of now) was mostly due to irregular but responsible vacuum pumping only for about a year. At this time, I was not aware of all of the other PE techniques, i.e. jelq, squeezes, etc. I will attribute the first 1 inch of my girth gains (2+ inches presently) to pumping. For the past 1 1/2 years, I’ve gradually introduced other PE techniques into my routines, so the separation line between methods of success is blurred. But I do feel that the combination of pumping with other PE techniques is the more effective routine to work with.


PEforreal, a question

I am dutifully pumping sparatically throughout the day for about 5 minutes or so at 4.5 to 5.5 pressure. I do not pack the tube by any means. (2” X 9”).

I feel a pull on my underside mid shaft , which I think is a good expansion point as I am slightly thinner in circumference there.

Will I, in time, begin to fill the tube—Pack it— or is my tube too big for an increase in girth.. I think it is slightly too big, but with short session (No donut) I feel a good stretch. My balls do not suck up, but the scrotum skin does pump up into the tube.

Also, is the 5 minute session throughout the day a good thing?

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