Frustrated and despaired

Few months ago I joined this forum and started linear newbie routine. Within 1 month I have gained about 0.5cm in length, but than I had to stop due to absence of time and privacy and I lost all of this gains.
For 2-3 last months I tried to tried to restart my routine program about 3 times, but every time I started again I have noticed loss of size (erect about 0.2-0.5cm). As this is define negative sign I have stopped and took a decon break (2-3 weeks, and my size was again as it used to be).
I did same routine as before (also tried even lighter routine 20 jelqs 1 day on 1 off) and I don’t know why I’m losing erect size :( I’m pretty sure I’m NOT doing anything differently, that’s why I’m so frustrated, can’t even continue on my routine program.
I just add that my EQ is pretty good all the time (even when my size was decreased) no pain or anything else, I definitely have stronger veins from PE and when I’m on my routine I have slightly bigger flaccid. My eating habits are same as before and I’m work outing 4-5 days per week as before.
One more add once I did overdid my unit, I have used stronger grip and I needed to take a break, this happened when I restarted my routine 1st time and I took 3 week break.

Does someone got any idea what is causing my loss of size, I really really would love to start PE seriously.

Thx for your opinions and pardon my English.

Start NBPEL 5.9" MSEG 4.7"

Goal 7x5

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