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First Vacum pump today-help!

First Vacum pump today-help!

I made a pump out of a gravel cleaner and duct taped a piece of playtex glove with a hole in the middle on the end to give a tight seal. I sucked the air out and held it there for about 10 minutes.

The device gave me a salami size dick, and after jelqing and stretching, I went to work with a monster in my pants. Two hours later I go pee and this monster looks like a half filled water balloon around my dick! I have lymphatic fluid around the glans and in spots on the shaft. After some massage it goes down and it looks better.

Did I go too long/aggressive the first time or is this going to happen everytime?

Your help is appreciated.


Next time I’ll read first before I panic. I read some of the posts about the donut and that seems to be the situation. If anyone has any other suggestions beyond wrapping with ace, let me know. Otherwise I think I will head to wally world and give it another try in a couple of days after this ‘event’ heals.

lesson learned


As a first timer, you’ve just experienced some of the effects of pumping due to too much pressure, too much time and too much too soon. Now that you’ve seen what excessive fluid buildup (doughnut effect) is like, it’s important for you to take it easier the next time, especially in regard to the pressure you’re using. As a newbie, you will be well served to get a pump with a pressure gauge, so that you can monitor your intensity. Since you have no pumping experience to fall back on, you are taking the risky step of guessing at your vacuum pressure.

The good news is that the excessive fluid will go away in time and/or a little massage to accelerate the fluid removal. You can also do ace self-adhesive bandage wrapping to help ward off “doughnuting”, but it’s the unknown vacuum pressure that you’re using that you have to be most careful about.

So, take it easier, and I’m sure that once you settle into a pumping rhythm, you’ll be pleased with the kind of longterm results you can achieve.

Good luck,

Don’t suck so hard next time. You want comfortable expansion.

You can probably massage the doughnut out gradually, or by tomorrow it’ll be gone by itself.



I can’t emphasize enough that pumping without a gauge will only get you in trouble. The MityVac hand pump sold in the automotive department or auto parts stores (in the U.S.) is very reasonable, has a gauge, and is essentially the “standard” penis pumper’s pump. It’s money well spent.

Thanks for the advice.


the first week I started out with just one 15 minute session per day. That was really enough to make my dick getting used to more.
Take it slow, my friend and increase time and pressure over time.



The pump


Homemade pumps are not a good idea. The most important issue about it is the gauge that measures the pressure, and that’s a factor you MUST know. I do agree 100% with westla who is one of the experts at Thundersplace. I am not an expert on pumping but I do know that without control of the vacuum pressure you will most likely get in trouble, and your penis is a very delicate organ.

I bought my pump at for $35; it’s a hand pump, very reliable and easy to use and to store. The brand name of the pump is Mityvac, which you can also buy at auto parts stores. It has a gauge that measures the pressure in inches of mercury (in Hg) and also in Kp. I am more familiar with the former. They recommend not to exceed 5 to 7 in Hg. But you have no idea of how much pressure you are giving (or taking, because it is vacuum) to (from) your dick. That’s no good, particularly for a beginner.

Take our advice.

Good luck


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