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First pumping session - Possible damage

Is it safe to continue with the tube? Can it lower my erection angle over time or something?

Originally Posted by latency
I had my first session today.

I only tried like 3 minutes on 2,5 HG, I couldn’t keep the damn ting on anymore, the pain in the base from the sharp edge of the tube was to much .


I went erect in the tube and got out semi hard, why ?(this happened when I tried pumping 6 months ago) Under the set I got a good expansion (1 cm longer erect then my org. EL) but my dick droops down to semi hard the moment I reducing the pressure to zero, almost like my erection in the tube is “fake” - fluid build up on 2,5 HG?

Also my dick stands straight up, 12 o’clock when erect, and I have cutted my cylinder to 65 degree angle in hope to fit it. I can’t go in 100% erect because the tube angle is to little (my dick is 90 degree when 100% erect) and with a 90% (I then can push my dick down to 65 degree) The strange thing is that when I pump and get a bigger dick then my normal size, my dick can stand in the 65 degree angle in the tube without giving me pain, what going on? Isn’t the erection in the tube normal? Always when I get a normal erection my dick goes to 90 degree and if I tries to push it under it, it hurt like hell, but not in the tube?

The angle on the tube which I made with a saw, cuts in my pubic bone and it hurts, I only can keep pumping for like 4 minutes. Should I try to use a swimming cap of silicon between my bone and tube, any advices?

Based on all of this info, yes, you should enter the cylinder just shy of a full erection so you can enter comfortably. Don’t worry about being slightly less then erect when exiting the cylinder. This is normal, just as long as you can achieve full erection after exiting the cylinder, then you are on the right path.

As for your cylinder modification, sounds like you need to do some heavy duty sandpaper or filing to round off those sharp edges. Do whatever you need to do to make it comfortable. Being comfortable while pumping is essential to the process as you want to be able to totally relax into the vacuum for full expansion.

Looks like my dick isn’t build for pumping, today my erection is weaker then usually. This happened last time I tried pumping and this on very low settings (2,5HG). I guess I’m one of the few people who react badly to pumping and get injuries fast. It have been fun as long it lasted.

I really don’t know what to do now, maybe I should go back to hanging - Yes it fucked me up but gave me good erections when I pulled easy in the beginning, years back. Only have to avoid the shitty nose-loop like the Jes extender and pull on low setting. Still, am a bit sceptical.

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