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First pumping session - Possible damage

Just came back from the Urologist. The outfall was exactly what I thought it would be. I was basically “fine”. I told him about me trying to extend my cock with a device and going way over Bord. I told that I was worried about the hose strangling my head, resulting in cell death and nerve damage. He answered that it would have taken MUCH more time to get cell-death. That you could cut your dick off and sew it on 24 hours later without killing the cells. The penis was some of the body parts who could make it longest without new blood flow. I told him that I didn’t had my morning woods anymore. He was like: “Hey, you aren’t 13 anymore” (I’m 18) He told me that as long as I got night erections and could get it up with my hand I shouldn’t be there. Then I was “OK” The Doppler scan was just for people who could not get they’re dick up in any way. Therefore not for me. Also, I asked him about Pyrenees (My dick twist to the left 90 degree while 20% erect) He told me that it didn’t occur in young guys, so I couldn’t have it. He told me that he didn’t thought my damage (Which I never got a answer on what was) was permanent but ended the hole conversation with informing me that if it didn’t go away, it was no way to make it good again - Made me feel very happy. After 15 months you could tell if your damage was permanently. I told him about pumping but he rejected it. You shouldn’t “manipulate” your dick. Those who did it had problems with they’re self-confidence. Now I know for sure that urologists isn’t going to help you. That’s just what I expected from the start.

Now, should I try to pump or is going to make my damage worse?

Just to make sure you are starting from ground zero, why don’t you just continue your break and take off the month of May. Then make a completely new and fresh start with your pump routine with the sole purpose of pumping for health. That just means staying at moderate levels that cause no trauma.

I was thinking on that. Going to do it. It would be my 1 year rest mark. Then I’m going to start pumping. When you say “Cause no trauma” how much pressure do you mean?

There is no such thing as starting too slow. I think you should start in the 2-3”hg range for 5 minute intervals.

Man, if you do it nice and easy, there is no thing on earth you can not do.

Perseverance wins

Just saw a documentary named “The perfect penis”. They talked about extending the cock throughout surgery. I noticed that they never mentioned how dangerous it really is and that it only could make you lose erection angle. More and more urologist had started to except these operations as they got safer and safer. Is that true? The guy who did one, did not experienced any side effects. He had tried pumping but didn’t get any permanently gains. But there were a guy called “Mike” who had got a curved dick after a girth surgery. But no erections problem as many say surgery would give.

There were some gay guy who had injected huge amount of silicon in his dick, making it look like a monster cock! Were little attracting.

Also a guy named Mike salvini introduced Jelqing. He was considerate as the guru of these exercises and damn he could stretch his cock! I think his flaccid was like 6 inch.

After seeing this documentary I wondering if surgery would have been safer (Not cheaper of course) then hanging/stretching. That documentary really putted surgery in a good light.

BTW; Salvini insisted on that he got 2 inch in lenght after just 6 months. Bullshit if you ask me.

I have now decided to start with pumping again (I really never got started), after resting some more from my nasty injury 1,5 years ago. I feel that it isn’t going to be any better so I hope that pumping at-least can give me some size.

I tried my 1.75 cylinder today but couldn’t get my cock in! (Girth) I’m 5,2 in girth and should by Gprent size table fit.

My problem is that my cock is ellipse like. It’s wider on the sides and therefor the cylinder get to small on the sides. My question is if that a 2.00 cylinder can make my dick misshapen? It will be tight on the sides of the cock but plenty of space in the front and back of the penis head and I have read that a to big cylinder can mess up your penis shape.

Just wondering.

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Are you using lubrication? If you are lubed up, I would think you could get into the 1.75.

Cylinder size is not going to misshape your penis. As you start to fill it up and pack it, your shape will become cylindrical.

So if I can push my dick in with lube I should do it even if it isn’t anymore space for my dick to grow? Shouldn’t my dick be a little bigger then my org. Size while pumping? If so, that’s not going to happen in the 1.75 cylinder.

Also due to my injury, should I start with only one 5min set on 2HG, keep this for a week and then move it up to 2x5 min set 2-3HG? I don’t like sets because I feel that it’s harder to get erect again after a Tripp in the cylinder.

Are you measuring your girth correctly? A 1.75” cylinder will take you up to 5.5” girth so you should have room for expansion. If the sides of your cock are touching, then there should be space for expansion on the underside.

If you don’t like sets, then try going from 5 minutes to 10 and then to 15. You can take a mini break if you like by reducing the pressure down to zero every 5 minutes while staying in the cylinder and then pumping back up again.

This “mini break”, do I have to go limp and then get another erection or can I just keep the one I got under the first set?

No, you do not have to go limp. Just reducing the pressure to zero for a few seconds is enough to get new circulation and keep the tissue healthy.

I had my first session today.

I only tried like 3 minutes on 2,5 HG, I couldn’t keep the damn ting on anymore, the pain in the base from the sharp edge of the tube was to much .


I went erect in the tube and got out semi hard, why ?(this happened when I tried pumping 6 months ago) Under the set I got a good expansion (1 cm longer erect then my org. EL) but my dick droops down to semi hard the moment I reducing the pressure to zero, almost like my erection in the tube is “fake” - fluid build up on 2,5 HG?

Also my dick stands straight up, 12 o’clock when erect, and I have cutted my cylinder to 65 degree angle in hope to fit it. I can’t go in 100% erect because the tube angle is to little (my dick is 90 degree when 100% erect) and with a 90% (I then can push my dick down to 65 degree) The strange thing is that when I pump and get a bigger dick then my normal size, my dick can stand in the 65 degree angle in the tube without giving me pain, what going on? Isn’t the erection in the tube normal? Always when I get a normal erection my dick goes to 90 degree and if I tries to push it under it, it hurt like hell, but not in the tube?

The angle on the tube which I made with a saw, cuts in my pubic bone and it hurts, I only can keep pumping for like 4 minutes. Should I try to use a swimming cap of silicon between my bone and tube, any advices?


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