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First pumping session - Possible damage

Originally Posted by giveme9
I spent a year in the army in northern Norway(Lakselv), and the girls were crazy. One of my best memories from there were when my lieutenant’s wife jumped on me in a boat under the midnight sun. I sure got my payback from him(ha ha ha). He was a sadomasochistic bastard like the rest of the people in charge there. A good thing he didn’t found out about until I left Lakselv, I doubt my memories would’ve been so good then.

Damn! That’s ballsy! ;D

To latency; Check out the picture in this link my mityvac.jpg . Look at the gauge in the middle. You are supposed to go by the black numbers on that gauge, NOT the red numbers!

Originally Posted by babbis
Damn! That’s ballsy! ;D

To latency; Check out the picture in this link my mityvac.jpg . Look at the gauge in the middle. You are supposed to go by the black numbers on that gauge, NOT the red numbers!

Thats good news because thats what I did. Is the 5 mark in black 5HG?

Maybe I’m missing something in regards to the green mark!

Anyhow 5hg is the first marked increment in black.

Try warming up in the shower first. I take at least 15 minutes to warm up in there and that gives you time to do a little stretching under the warm water too!

One minute is not a long enough warm up in my opinion for any PE, but someone else may chime in with their thoughts.

Soaps and Shampoo’s are no good for lubes buddy.

Wish you speedy healing.

CURRENT 04/11/2007 7.5 EBP X 5.25 EG Mid Shaft, 6.5 NBPEL!

GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

Ok I went to the 6th line (you have to count with the starting line which isnt separate like the other ones), 2 lines under the 5 point.

Ok I searched I little bit and found this info in a thread:

The 0-30 is “InHg”,
The 0-760 is “mmHg”
Thus 100 mmHg is equal to 4 InHg

If this is correct, I then was pumping exactly on 4HG.

You could try baby oil gel as lube. That`s what I`m using. You will find it on “mega” or “rema1000”.

Thank you Babbis. I would try that. It’s also easy to clean so that’s good. No more shampoo on me.


Give yourself a 3-4 day break. Meantime use a long hot shower massaging and stretching. I really think that you should do some strong jelqing before pumping. A real good thing to help you heal and make your dick a little more acceptable would be jelqing with OLIVE OIL. Yes, that’s right, Olive oil has some healing properties in it—old remedy from itialian ancestry. You’ll be fine. Your dick must become aclimated to pumping with stretching, and making room for the extra blood that is being drawn into the capilaries. Heat is your friend—before pumping warm up your dick with a 10 minute hot wash cloth wrap; lube up with hand lotion, baby oil, or olive oil and pump for 8 minutes at 4HG on your guage. Rest and jelq of use the hot wrap. You’re conditioning the skin for stretching. You’ll be fine—just watch and FEEL what is happening—Burning indicates brusing…just a good pull is what you should feel. Again give yourself a short healing and follow the above. Steve

The past two nights, I’ve also used my rice sock (well, close to that….it actually has dried corn in it that you heat up in the microwave) while pumping. I warm up for 10-15 minutes, and then I also put the corn wrap around the cylinder as I pump. After my session, when I removed the pump to massage/jelq for a few minutes, everything is nice and toasty warm. Feels great!

Started - 1/6/07 - BPEL 5 7/8" - EG - 4 3/4"

Currently - 4/13/07 - BPEL 6 1/8" - EG - 4 7/8"

Goal - BPEL - 7.0" - EG - 5.5"

Originally Posted by latency
Ok, yesterday I tried to pump for the first time. I have read allot on the subject and was carefully with what I was doing. I did to session with 2x5min. The force was basically on 3HG but on one point I was up in 4HG (max 1min) I got a good suspension (about 1cm more then my usually EL) After the session I tried to masturbate but got a stinging - pain feeling at the top and under my penis head. I thought this was normal so I dint think about it. This morning I woke up with a shrunken cock. It’s red and very hard while flaccid and I’m not going to touch my dick before it’s getting better. Also, sometimes it’s very thin on the middle and fat at the head, like the baseball bat. Also I have a itch feeling all over my head.


Having a gauge is SO important in pumping…

Since you’re just starting out, try this: try pumping with VERY LITTLE pressure. I’m suggesting just off the peg; 1 or 2 inHG. See what it feels like. Give yourself a little time at that pressure, then increase it just a bit. Keep your first sessions short. You will do yourself no harm by going a little too slowly to start. 3 or 4 inHG may be too much for you to start with.

Originally Posted by Muscular_Beaver
You want to use a natural , vegetable based oil for pumping , as petroleum based lubes can harm the seals and plastics used in many vacuum cylinders .

Muscular Beaver:

I’ve always thought that way as well, and generally used water-based lubes. Now I see that VacuTech is selling what they call “Pumper’s Lube”

…and it contains petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin and ceresin.

So, I’m puzzled. I’m sticking with water-based lubes for now, personally.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

My cock have got softer now - thank god. My skin, especially at the head is like a orange/leather. You know when the sun have burned it and it gets dry and odd feeling. I’m just hoping it’s going away soon. Want to start serious pumping now - just this time I really know my cock is made of glass and I’m not going to pump over 3Hg, maybe on 1 or 2Hg as Lampwick suggest. And yes, need lots of heat!!

Petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin and ceresin - and you guys are complaining on a shampoo?

latency, I made the same mistake with soap based lube only worse when I first started. I dumbly used my unscented hunting body soap for a lube after getting a “stuck to the side” blister on my head. The soap was so bad that I got a chemical peel, like a sunburn, of my penis and scrotum.

The up side? I found Thunders.

Thats exactly what is going on. Some of my skin is dropping off - just like a chemical peel. Also my foreskin is so tight that I can’t get it properly over my head making it almost impossible to masturbate which I don’t think is good right now. How long did it last KT88?

Just a few days. I peeled the dead skin off over the following weekend. The new skin was tender for a few days. I kept it from drying out with virgin olive oil and started the “Newbie Routine”. It’s back to normal now a month later.


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