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First pumping session - Possible damage

So I shouldn’t pump before it’s completly normal again ? (- + A month) Don’t want to make things worse.

I would wait until your skin looks normal.


I do not think you really injured yourself: you just overdid it a little for the first time…

In two or three days you should be like new.

For future sessions, warm up before, with a little jelqing and a little heat and then slide in to the tube and apply pressure slowly and progressively.

You must feel comfortable, no matter if the gauge tells you could pull another HG, if it is not comfortable it is no good.

Begin with one short session a day at very low pressure and do not try to pull your unit to an extra inch of length in few seconds, feel the flow of blood which slowly fills your dick.

After a week or two you can start doing a morning and a night session in the same light manner and after a while you’ll start to know your limits and do what you want.

Perseverance wins

Latency had an allergic reaction to something in that shampoo and it is not uncommon. Some people are allergic to deodorant soaps like Dial, such that they can’t use a deodorant soap and them go out in the sun. Soaps have so many ingredients in them, you never know what you might react to.

Latency, like I said before, I wouldn’t use that shampoo at all. Throw it away and find another brand for your hair.

Prent: He can use the shampoo to cleanse the cylinder. Just a thought—Steve

Today I tried to pump again but have some questions;

1. I did warm up with a rice sock, but I noticed it got harder to get hard while my cock was warm. Why? Shouldn’t it be when cold?
2. I only pumped 2x3 minutes this time on about 2 - 3 Hg. When I entered the tube erect first time my cocks outer shape was normal but second time I went in flaccid and when I started to pump SLOWLY up to about 2,5 my base expended with my glans but my mid part was thin as a fork. Why the hell is this happening? I’m very scared of change the shape of my penis. I don’t want the get a strange looking ting so try to understand why I’m worry.
3. After my first set it was hard to get erect again. Very actually. Isn’t this a bad sign? I was only pumping on 2,5Hg the first time. My corpus is also very hard after my session (While flaccid) and this isn’t normal? I also come out semi-hard. Is this something which should happen?

Latency: You’re experiencing the “Normal” sensations. These are merely conditioning factors and will gradually diminished. Stay on routine with the short sets for about 5 minutes. Remember to use that hand lotion and lots of it, drink a glass of water an hour before begining your session, massage, and tap penis against your stomach to induce circulation or jelq between sets for 3 minutes, kegel while in the tube, If you have the time and privacy go for a second round in afternoon or evening. You’ll probably experience some reddening, wrap a hot wash cloth around your penis when finished. You’ll be OK—take it easy

Mate, I’m a little sceptical. Are you sure?? I DON’t want to do anything stupid and now is the time to provide important and correct information.

Also my tube smells like crap after I cut it. Damn it’s to puke of!

Latency: Did you sand down and round those hard edges? When you begin to increase/lower the vacuum, I’m thinking that that tube is going to cut into your groin. Take a break every other day. You’re young and have a strong heart—hence the upward erection. You might try this—pump late in the day when you’re a bit tired and erections aren’t so strong. Morning woodies from deep rim sleep and stored up testostrone production may not agree with pumping in your case during the morning. As you age—that’ll change. Give it a try—can’t hurt.

Can’t comment on the smell other the polycarbons smell that way which are a petroleum by-product. Wash it good with shampoo. Don’t use a glass cleaner. Just mild soap and water. Smell should be gone.

At the pressures and times you are using, there is no possible way you are going to hurt yourself. You seem to have some sort of pumping phobia and are scared to death of it.

Try to go into the cylinder with as much of an erection as possible. Use your 3”hg pressure and stay for 5 minutes. Relax and enjoy it. Stop freaking out.

By the way, what lube have you found? You have to use lube.

I don’t have a clue about the smell either. Like Tenn said, sand the sharp edges and wash it and it should be good to go.

I’m using baby oil.

If you guys say this is normal I’m not going to say anything more.

I would like to hear some good news when you get it all working right.

As the moderator said, do not be afraid: you will not hurt yourself if you follow the rules and your common sense.

In order to take away the smell, after you wash and rinse your tube, dry it up before storing.

In a few weeks you’ll have a much stronger confidence and experience.

Perseverance wins

I though of pumping today but something stopped me. My erection. Early this morning I had no problem with getting a erection, also at dinnertime but when I tried 20 minutes ago it was VERY hard. It was like my cock was “locked” My CC was hard while flaccid. After I had warmed up it got some softer but still not as it use to be. This is defiantly from my session yesterday. I decided to not to pump today because I can’t possible image how this could be normal. I don’t understand why my cock lock it’s self up getting hard while flaccid making it hard to get a erection when I only have pumped on 2-3Hg. I would try again tomorrow but if it’s still the same I don’t think pumping is the right thing for me.

The only reason I can think of is that a almost a year ago I got some nasty injuries from PE which haven’t completely gone away. This may effect my pumping or what?

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