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First pumped erection = BPEL?

First pumped erection = BPEL?

Just wondering if its safe to say your first pumped erection would equal your BPEL? Or do you think it would hover below or above?

Its hard for me to get an accurate measurement on BPEL. Lack of privacy then add in the fact I take adderall. My wife can make me pop a chub in about 2.5 seconds, but this don’t help because I stealth PE. On my own its not to bad. But once that ruler comes out its like the little fella gets gun shy. Annoying as hell.

Anyhow I will be starting my pumping routine Dec 13th. Maybe before.

So question is will I only be able to pump to my BPEL or further? I’ll be packing the pump. I’m pretty confident when I tried pumping the incorrect way of no gauge and way to much pressure I jumped a good distance above my EL. After a few days I threw the pump away. Now I’ll be pumping at 3hg and the correct way.

What do you think? I’ll just hit BPEL or go above it. I am just wondering, its been awhile before I measured and if you can only hit BPEL it would be nice to see where i’m currently at.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

My experience is max size in the tube is a little less than max bpel, because it is expanding girth at the same time…which will tend to slightly decrease length.

Its like bpfsl tends to be longer than bpel because there is no girth involved and allows it to stretch longer.

In general, if you stay no higher than 5 in hg, it is a great rule of thumb for most guys. In general, if you high bpel in the tube, you are in higher vacuum levels. As long as you aren’t getting a bunch of edema or a lot of spotting, it should be fine.

The problem with going over 5 in hg, most of our Vets agree they never got good results from doing it. Most of them found that somewhere between 3-5 in hg they do the best overall. If you need to, just experiment with longer times rather than higher vacuum.

Thank you for your reply! I’ll see what I pump up to with around 3HG and use it as a general indicator of where I’m at.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

I also do not get to bpel when pumping at or below 5hg. Well, after 30+ min. if I am packing the tube I get there, but not until then. In order to get there I do quick (2 to 3 second) spikes up to 10hg then go back down to 4 or 5 hg. This stretches me and then at the lower levels I stay at or above my bpel. I don’t do the spikes until I have been at 5 hg for 15+ min.

I’m going to be gun shy with the pump to be honest. I bought a cheap one without a gauge about 6 months or so back maybe even longer. My first pump session I had impressive temp gain, without much pumping. I could never achieve that again. So I found myself pumping until the pump handle would no longer spring back trying to replicate my first out of the tube experience.

I got some bruising and had a hard time with achieving full erection for about 4 to 6 weeks. Scared the piss out of me. I don’t see myself going over 5hg.

I like to think my unit is pretty conditioned with over 1 year + of PE. So I will probably start out with 3hg at two 20 minute sessions, one at noon and one before bed. Gradually take it up to 5hg.

Starting Stats: BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.375 <> Current Stats: BPEL = 7.25, EG = 4.6

I have been pumping for quite sometime and I find anything under 5hg just doesn’t cut it. I need to pump up to 8-10 hg to get good results and when I max pump I am well above my normal bpel by close to 1/2”. My dick has become very conditioned to pumping so maybe this is just me.

Its been a couple of years for me. Much less lymph, I used to spot if I over do it, don’t have this anymore either.

gram40, have you tried the long duration ( 1-4hrs ) of pumping? Most of the pumping proponents are saying its the way to go.

I enter my bathmate flaccid and I pump above my BPEL. I can pump almost an inch longer then my BPEL.

I pump like half an inch above my BPEL. I keep the pressure between 3-5Hg. I noticed I get the same expansion and length as if I’ve pumped above 5Hg, it’s just it takes a little more time to get there. And I don’t get negative PI’s and edema buildup, as I’d get when pumping above 5Hg.

I am the same as gram I require higher levels. But for the most part you shouldn’t do above 5hg

Starting BPEL= 6.7 " EG= 6.5"

July 2016 BPEL=7" EG=6.75"

Goal NBPEL=8" x EG=7"

Originally Posted by TheBigLurk
I am the same as gram I require higher levels. But for the most part you shouldn’t do above 5hg

Agree with BigLurk here, and seems to be the consensus here at Thunder’s. Lower vacuum for longer periods better than higher vacuum for shorter periods. For me, over 5hg results in lymph buildup and a weird looking penis. Probably the same for others too unless you’re very conditioned to pumping.

I agree with others here saying that in the pump the dick is longer than BPEL. My length pumps to over 8 inches in the tube.

I'm a disciple of science.

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